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Have you ever set out with every intention to be successful, but after months of what you thought was hard work, you looked back and realized you have nothing but a blank slate to show for it? Or maybe your problem with starting your business development plan is you can’t even get out of the start gate because you are crippled with paralysis by analysis? Has success been right around the corner, and that is the corner you walk on by? Ever made it to the top of the ladder you worked so hard to climb and suddenly it seems you flung yourself off leaving your good results behind? Success sabotage can happen to anyone, and usually manifests in many ways. There are some really obvious ways like lingering in the shadows and never taking risks. There are even more subtle ways which is what I will explore below. These are the sneaky and subtle ways we our minds can work against us without us even realizing it until it is to late. Becoming aware, shining a light on these blind spots is a huge step towards changing the behavior. Now let’s crack into these sneaky self sabotaging weasels so you can knock that shit off and get on with your success and business development plan for the rest of the year.

10 Sneaky Ways You Could Be Sabotaging Your Business Success

Spending time contemplating your plans and your day is of course important, but if you are spending time each month to put together a 30 day plan to reach your goals, and making your to do lists the night before, there should not be a tremendous amount of analyzing. When you start analyzing, you are setting yourself up for a continuous loop of indecisiveness that will feed itself and have you spinning your wheels for hours. Stop the madness! Have your 30 day sales plan laid out by the beginning of each month. Know what you need to be doing weekly and each night put together a list of the things that need to be completed the next day. In order to keep the action ball rolling, give yourself deadlines. I like to have at least 10 things completed before lunchtime if possible. So much starts to happen in the afternoon and if I wasn’t focused and determined to accomplish what I need to, the chances of them getting done after lunch drop drastically. Stay out of your head by meditating once a day too. This is a great way to learn not quiet your mind. After you have meditated for a while, you will be able to quiet your mind during anxious times throughout your day and avoid feeling overwhelmed. Keep things simple. Have a list of what you need to do, and aim to get it done!

  • Manipulating Results

If you find yourself trying to control other people and situations, STOP. Take a breath, and ask yourself the important questions.

Why do I feel insecure?

What work needs to be done that I am avoiding?

Where am I holding back? – not taking the risks I need to move my business forward?

I have found that most people who are out of control trying to manipulate people, things and situations have an intense insecurity going on. There is something they are not addressing and are avoiding their own personal development. Get honest with yourself if you find yourself over controlling everything. In reality, the real out of control situation that needs addressing is within you. To get back on track, pen to paper and answering the above questions should give you some clarity! Once you have identified your areas that need attention, execute and get busy taking care of them. If you don’t address them, you will sabotage by having a death grip on everything you touch. Loosen your grip and get to work identifying what is really going on.

  • Unwilling to Change

Are there situations that you are being incredibly stubborn about? Have you every heard your own voice say “I will never do that!” I hear people say that about public speaking and live stream all the time. I know right away that their own fears and unwillingness to practice the craft will forever hold them back. Holding yourself back is a form of self sabotage. The only difference is, you are sabotaging before you even begin.

  • “Yeah but……….”

If you catch yourself saying this frequently, you might be rationalizing your success away.

“Yeah but I don’t have the resources”

“Yeah but everyone has more time than me”

Everyone has the same 24 hours in any day. If you have legitimate reasons for falling short of your goals, re-frame the way you talk about your time.

“I decided that my time was better spent in other areas of my business” is a much more empowering way of looking at your situation. Staying empowered is a great way to avoid any chance of self-sabotaging.

  • Spending Time at The Barber Shop

If you find yourself going into situations that are not good for you or your business just stop going. If you spend enough time at a barber shop, you will eventually get a haircut. If you are around situations, people or groups that are negative and defeating, the chances they will bring you down before you ever bring them up are high. If you absolutely cannot avoid situations that are not in alignment with your mindset, try not to engage in any gossip or negative talk. If you can limit your time that is the best way to manage the situation until you are able to eliminate it completely from your life.

  • Thoughts VS Feelings

This goes back to over analyzing situations. If your gut is screaming for you not to do something, but there is no evidence to ‘prove’ it to your intellectual self, still follow your gut. So many times we all fall short of this because we don’t trust ourselves or we believe physical evidence should be absolutely clear. I have found that allowing myself to feel uneasy without knowing why, and following that feeling, I can save myself a lot of trouble in the future. There is a saying, ‘curiosity killed the cat’. If your instinct is setting off all kinds of red flags about a project, client or partner and you choose to keep moving forward with no investigation, at least take notes as your journey unfolds. That way you can go back to your notes when these feeling happen again and remind yourself that you knew something was off from the start, but didn’t listen to your gut. Next time it happens you might have more of the physical evidence you want to listen to your gut; past experience.

  • Needing to Be Heard About Everything

I know we all need to be heard. This is for those who need to be heard about everything. The saying, ‘pick your battles’ comes to mind. If you find yourself debating or arguing with everyone and everything, try chilling out and just be agreeable. Needing to be heard on every single opinion you have can sock your energy and get you tangled up in situations that really do not matter. Your mind might be sneakily trying to get you to avoid something in your business you don’t want to confront, and in an attempt to distract you, has you debating with everything. Let it go. Focus on your important business development tasks and stay in your lane. Let your competitors spin their wheels debating insignificant issues.

  • Starting Your Day Off Wrong

Alarm goes off, you jump to your feet, grab the closest gadget and scroll through emails while trying to make your pot of coffee. Don’t do it. In fact, don’t sleep with your gadgets anywhere near your bed. Keep them in a separate room. Sleep restfully and when you wake up spend your first hour meditating, exercising or doing some morning writing in your journal. Whatever you do, do not jump into the day without getting your head on straight. I like to have an hour for a little reading from my mediation book, 10 minutes meditating to clear my mind and some exercises. I avoid the news and never have the T.V. on in the morning. I don’t want that negative stuff ruining my day before it has even begun.

  • “These are really hard times……..”

Watch the negative talk that is actually your sneaky way of sabotaging your dreams. Typical excuses are “I’m too old”, “I’m too young”, “the economy is really bad” etc. etc. Re-frame this way of thinking. If you decided you want to take more personal development in speaking before you do your first public presentation, say it something like “I am really excited about the steps I’m taking to fully prepare for my first presentation”. That is a much more empowering statement then “I have no experience, and am way too green to be speaking on any topic right now”. Stay in empowerment especially when it comes to your business and personal development so you do not talk yourself out of moving forward with things you are working towards. Each step you take, even if it feels like a stumbling block, can be a stepping stone if you choose.

  • Expecting Results from Only One Source

This is a big one for many of us. I have gotten in my own way several times by assuming business could only come from one type of client, that information and partners were only one profile. Although a target audience is a very good thing to have and understand for your products and services, keeping an open mind to how that can play out and where you can meet them, as well as how they appear can add top line growth without you even trying. Case in point, I was at a BBQ yesterday and just in speaking with someone and being interested in his job, I found out he is the decision maker for a large facility here in Philadelphia that could use my services. If I were closed minded about engaging with him about his work, I would have totally missed out on this. I really never would have pegged him as someone who would want to use my services, and boy was I wrong. I am happy to say he has my card and we are meeting next week.  Preconceived notions about people, being uninterested in your environment and making assumptions can add up to road blocks for your business success. Have a business plan that is structured, and don’t become rigid about following it. Remember, the willow bends with the wind while the twig breaks off. Go with the flow and don’t assume. Assume broken out will almost always, make an ASS out of U and ME.

Lisa works with businesses and entrepreneurs to create robust sales pipelines and generate revenue through social media, live stream and sales development strategies.





10 Sneaky Ways You Could Be Getting In Your Own Way
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10 Sneaky Ways You Could Be Getting In Your Own Way
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