business marketing ideasWhen used correctly, Periscope has the capacity to be a very powerful content business tool. This easy to use, fun and creative livestream app can bring any small business owner tangible results in a relatively short period of time. My online business strategies are built with livestream in mind because in 6 short months I was able to leverage livestream to build a strong business foundation. So much so that I designed a product specifically for people who want to monetize Periscope, Facebook Live and public speaking. In order to use Periscope successfully for your online business marketing, there are four ingredients that work successfully especially when used consecutively. Let’s explore these steps that will take your bland Periscope broadcasts and turn them into the business marketing kings and queens they deserve to be.

Announce Your Periscope Broadcast

The first ingredient in your business marketing livestream recipe is announcing your scope ahead of time. This ingredient is really important in order to draw an audience to your broadcast especially when you’re just starting out. If your online business doesn’t already have a large following, or you’re new to Periscope you will want to make sure you announce your broadcasts on your social media sites. Be sure to let folks know that you will be going live and what time and remember to include your time zone. You want to make sure to put these announcements in as many possible places as you can. Use your Facebook groups, your Facebook page, your Facebook profile and Twitter as well as any other social media platforms you can. Even if your first series of Periscope broadcasts only pull in a few people, following the next three ingredients will increase the likelihood of them coming back, sharing with their following and even mentioning you in their broadcasts. As you become savvier with your livestream content marketing, you can begin putting together an editorial calendar. This can be sent out to your weekly or monthly calendar ahead of time.  Letting your online business community know exactly what you’ll be talking about, will bring credibility and trust to you and your offerings. Put your stake in the ground; let people know when you will be going live and eventually build an editorial calendar.

Compelling Title

Your Periscope livestream broadcast titles that should be compelling. They should grab your potential viewers attention and highlight a pain point or bring about a sense of urgency, something that is going to make your viewer feel compelled to come watch your broadcast. I like to use power words.

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Power words work in online business marketing titles. In fact I would say it is more important that the titles have power words than your actual content marketing presentation because without your audience your business marking will never be heard or seen. Power words will help your titles stand out and been seen. Your viewers should be met with content that meets or exceeds the expectation of the titles, so be sure your broadcasts are top notch. That brings us to our next ingredient.

Quality Broadcast

Everything about your broadcast should be quality. Once your viewers get into your broadcast you want to make sure you meet and even exceed their expectations of what the information you provide is going to be all about.  There are different schools of thought about how much information to give your potential clients. Some professional marketers believe in providing teasers only, others say flood your audience and community with your content and other professionals won’t give anything unless they are paid first. If you are on Periscope, I am going to assume you fall in one of the other two camps; a little information or a lot of information. No matter how much informative business content you’re comfortable with providing your potential clients, you definitely want to make sure what you do provide is top notch and quality. The quality of your content, the quality of you and your language and the quality of the broadcast itself will all leave a remarkable impression on viewers. Be authentic and real, but be your best authentic self.

Plant Promote

In the public speaking world plant promoting is called seeding. In my SpeakerStream™ course I affectionately refer to planting your promotions as SeedStreaming. There are several techniques that effective seeding your audience without directly selling and these work very well in livestream business marketing broadcasts. I delve into these techniques in deeper detail in a bonus module that I added to my SpeakerStream training.

Presentation Skills

A few examples of planting your promotions include wearing your branded T-shirt, hat or button during your Periscope. You can also have a sign hanging up behind you while you’re broadcasting that has your company name. Incorporating your products into the tips that you’re offering much like I did throughout this with my speaker stream course is a great way to use valuable content as a carrot to your online product or service you want to promote. And lastly you can offer a freebee to your viewers that they will be able to download from a landing page you send them to. Put the link to the landing page in your scope title so they have very easy access to your freebee. Be sure to use to shorten up that link. Within that freebee that they provided an email address for, you should have an ad page that promotes a complementary product offering.

Online business marketing using Periscope can be extremely effective for your business results. Just be sure to take a step-by-step process. I even like to keep a checklist of to do items right before I go live. You can use the above to put together your checklist. Questions to ask yourself include, where can I announce my broadcasts (then make your checklist of places to announce prior to going live), is my title show-stopping and compelling enough to get my target audience to join? Do I have content that my target audience needs? These ingredients are essential for an online business to succeed using Periscope for marketing purposes. If you customize them, apply them and consistently practice them, you are bound to see some pretty incredible results!

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