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I frequently get asked a question on my Periscope broadcasts when I am broadcasting on the topic of social media and blogging:

“Isn’t blogging dead?”

I definitely do not think blogging is dead. Not even close. But let me add a caveat to the statement. The caveat is that the only bloggers who have to worry about video and real time video like livestream replacing blogging are the bloggers who do not embrace video and livestream.  You introvert bloggers who’s stomach just dropped, don’t worry, I am not suggesting you have to go live on video in order to make livestream work for your blog. But I do think blogging about livestream is a good idea. This might take some research on your part, but with a little effort you will have a boat-load of more newsworthy content at your fingertips. Once you start getting more connected with livestream content, you will naturally start making new connections. You’ll start broadening your community and learning about the different livestream technologies on social media today.

Here is a list of 25 livestream topics for bloggers to blog about that will get you going and even keep you going for quite sometime. A bit of research and learning will be required, but they will keep your blog editorial calendar filled up.

  • Livestream Apps

There are several livestream apps on social media today, and they make great blog content! You can literally write an entire blog about each app because the newness of each is newsworthy. Below are five livestream apps that would be ideal to blog about due to their sheer popularity.


This is a great app to blog about because it is the one that really put livestream apps for mainstream on the map. Do a little research about the history and you will find an intriguing story sure to engage your readers. After giving your audience a walk down memory lane, perhaps you want to enlighten them on Periscope’s first competitor, Meerkat. This makes a juicy little social media story and shows how easy it is to get picked off in the digital world. No matter what you decide to write about regarding Periscope, this app is one that should make your blog article list.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is one topic impossible to overlook. With 1.8 billion accounts on Facebook, this giant has oodles of blog content. For examples of who is really knocking it out of the park, check out Martha Stewart. The domestic diva is knocking it out of the park on Facebook Live. Her T.V. presence transferred perfectly to livestream. Viewers love her, her content is educational and she is quite charming. When you are blogging about Facebook Live, a notable point to emphasize is the incredible reach Facebook already had when it launched the livestream app.


Snapchat is a livestream app, but not in the traditional sense. The videos are shot live, and last only 24 hours on a broadcaster’s newsfeed. Snapchat is known for attracting young adults but it continues to make moves to increase mainstream and big brands. I’d focus on all the unique qualities of this app like users, unique branding techniques and the filters that really make this app like no other.

snapchat blog


A great app to write on is BLAB because it is different than any other livestream app. The fact that four people can chat at the same time to each other on BLAB really makes this app unique and compelling. In a robust blog post full of scrumptious content, you might be sure to include a list of all the ways your readers can use BLAB for their clients, followers and readers. Include in your list interviews, panels and debates. BLAB is a wonderful app to write about and your readers will thank you!

  • Product Reviews

Livestream is a great platform for product reviews and because it is such a great platform you can get several topics off this one theme. Below are five for your to devour!

How To Do A Product Review On Livestream

Teach your readers how to do a product review on livestream providing them the step by step way directions so they don’t miss a beat!

Sponsored Product Reviews Re-purposed Into A Blog Post

If you are sponsored you can do a product review on livestream for your client and also re-purpose it on your blog. This will really set you apart from other bloggers!

Legal Considerations

Much like blogging and anything else on social media, there are guidelines you want to follow when you are providing product reviews for clients, especially when getting compensated. These types of product reviews should be stated during the livestream. You can provide your readers with a post that offers some guidelines to follow. Perhaps you know of an Attorney who wants some free exposure on your blog and can even answer questions in your blog post while addressing the do’s and don’ts of livestream product reviews.

Favorite Livestream Equipment

You can review your own equipment, why you love it and how to use it. Do a product review to show your audience how your livestream equipment helps your livestream quality. Perhaps you can include price, where to purchase and features.

Product Review Round-Up

Find other blogs and/or livestreams that have already done reviews on their favorite products and make a round-up. Keep the products in the same niche for good SEO content and keyword. For example, if you are a beauty blog you might find women who have reviewed make-up on Periscope. Or maybe you find five blog posts of mascara product reviews and then you do the livestream overview of each article. You can include a link with the title of the post in your blog and make your livestream video the meant and potatoes of the content.

  • Conferences

Upcoming Livestream Conferences

There are many conferences that are now offering livestream topics and presentations on specific apps like Snapchat.

Best Livestream Equipment to Take to a Conference

Tripods, converters and more are necessary for traveling livestream enthusiasts. Showing your readers which ones are useful when attending a conference can be very helpful!

How to Pack Your Livestream Equipment

A step by step guide on packing up your livestream equipment especially when flying can be a great way for you to help your readers avoid any unnecessary pat downs as they go through security or customs. There are tricks and tips to wrapping cords and making sure everything thing is safe and secure.

BLAB Interviews

Put together a line-up of BLAB interviews with the other speakers prior to the event. This is a great way to gain appreciation with your event planner while collaborating and networking with other influencers who will be attending.

Periscope Interviews

Set-up a few interviews prior to the event and broadcast from your Periscope account during the conference. People love and appreciate you sharing them with your community and it gives your audience an opportunity to meet other people.

  • Livestream Features

It seems everyday there are more and more features rolling out on Facebook Live, Snapchat and Periscope. You can literally keep yourself busy blogging about all the updates! Here are a handful of goodies to get you going.

New Features

You can have an anchor blog every week that offers all the new features that came out the week prior. If you don’t think you’ll have enough content, perhaps do it monthly. I have a google alert set that brings all new features right to my inbox.

Feature Comparison

Use the various apps and put together a table showing the different features, which app has what etc. I love my app comparison table, it also serves me well during livestream presentations so I can give attendees a snapshot of how the apps are different and similar from each other.

Why I Love This Feature

Features are good, but go great and tell your readers why they will love this feature. For example, filters on Snapchat can be used to help with branding. I use the pet filters on Snapchat and record a quick video, then tweet it out to a few pet niche companies for branding and sponsorship purposes. Another feature that your readers might love is the private Periscope option. This is great for small workshops or online meetings that a broadcaster only wants designated people to join.

How This Feature Saves Me Time

People are hungry for solutions that will make them money and save them time. Show them some features on livestream that will do just that!

Feature Wishlist

Write an article listing the features you wish one or all of the apps had. After you send it out to your following, you can tweet it directly to the app too! Who knows, maybe they will add your feature to their To Do List and you can get exactly what you want.

With 74% of internet traffic becoming video on 2017, it is pretty hard to completely ignore livestream if you are a blogger. There are ways to work around actually doing video if you are totally allergic to the camera, and blogging about the topic of livestream is one. I really like livestream and have seen the power it can have to a small business in a short amount of time. If you have any questions about this topic, leave a comment. I’d love to hear your comments and if you plan on using livestream anytime soon!

















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