Inspiration Through Collaboration @Peri10K

Innovation, collaboration, thought leaders, inspiration, ShareAthon™, the Tedx of Periscope, supporters, networkers and leaders. These are all words used regularly to describe the rapidly growing group on Periscope, the Peri10K. On any day starting at 4:00PM EST, a...

3 Quotes from Mentors that Changed My Life

I have been fortunate to have several mentors in my adult life that have literally been instrumental in helping me transform my thinking and perspective for the better. If you watch my scopes on Periscope, you know there is something I call ESP. Emotional, Spiritual...

Creating a Life Worth Living

There was a time I was so tempted to try and manage other people’s lives. It fed my ego and kept me from being vulnerable, taking risks of my own.. But over time, I had to learn to create a life worth living; a life filled with mistakes I could call my own....

Hi, I'm Lisa Illman.

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