5 Tips For Helping You Succeed On Twitter

I have been on Twitter for a few years now, and am even more active since Periscope has come to the social media scene. Twitter is a powerful tool and when use correctly and consistently can bring remarkable results. Just recently I was found on Twitter by Andy...

Example Of Adversity To Inspire You

We often see adversity break people down. Difficulties come knocking and it just seems like the flood gates of challenges are opened. One after the other, beating down on a person’s soul with unforgiving force. So many times these difficulties can take us back a...

Double Up Then Double Down

Which livestream app to use, which social media platform to focus on? Snapchat, Facebook, Kanvas, Periscope, BLAB and on and on and on.  So many options and quite frankly soooo many distractions in front of us constantly and at the end of the day, they can be our...

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