I have been fortunate to have several mentors in my adult life that have literally been instrumental in helping me transform my thinking and perspective for the better. If you watch my scopes on Periscope, you know there is something I call ESP. Emotional, Spiritual and Physical well being. When I put these three things first, and choose to live a healthy life, my other goals fall into place a lot easier. Life takes on new meaning and I am never without a purpose. Below are some quotes that helped me structure this notion for lasting peace of mind.

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  • Why Not You?

This was said to me over five years ago when I had the idea about my pet product. I was feeling such hesitation about moving forward and had never taken the risk of bringing a product to market. I was telling a mentor, a very wise man, about my idea and I made a comment to the effect that people like me didn’t really do things like this. I still don’t really know what I meant, but his response was, “Why not you?” That one comment gave me pause and planted a seed that has blossomed into a way of living. Whenever I think about doing something I have never done before and that negative thinking starts up, I think “Why not you Lisa?”

  • No is a Complete Sentence.

This was a huge wake up a call for me. I had been saying yes to so many things in my life that were bringing me down and holding me down. The craziest part is, I didn’t even realize saying no was an option. Wow is this ever life changing. And this is one of those small activities that bring huge results. Once I started saying no to the wrong things, and yes to the right things, I really started to feel another sense of freedom that was completely new to me. Tip: The woman who was helping me say no to all the drama and negativity told me that if ‘no’ all by itself was too difficult, she told me I could try saying ‘no thank you’ instead.

  • This Too Shall Pass

A statement I started hearing a little over a decade ago to ease the rocky times and has evolved in meaning since. At first I always thought of it as a way to know the light at the end of a dark tunnel was just around the corner. Finding great comfort in knowing, ‘this too shall pass’ I was able to embrace difficulties a lot more. And now, it has such deep meaning for me. I find I relish in the moment of all parts of life, difficult, blissful, joyful, and sad because I realize that, time, life and this particular situation…. It too shall pass.

Over time, many mentors have evolved into friends. This has been a huge blessing. We love and support each other and find great comfort in a past filled with vulnerable moments that have turned into trusting relationships.

What are some quotes your mentors have said to you that have literally changed your path or perspective? Leave a comment, I would love to know!


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