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Live Stream is rapidly injecting itself into the social media fold.

Live Stream has become an exemplary way to provide content marketing to your community.

Sharing your live stream multiple times can have a mushroom effect, compounding your reach and your social results.

Below are three stupid simple ways to share your live stream broadcasts multiple times in order to take advantage of the mileage you could be getting with your content marketing when broadcasting on Facebook Live, Periscope or Snapchat.

  • Blog Posts and Twitter

Periscope, Facebook Live and Snapchat all three have the capability of being shared on different social media platforms, including your blog posts. For Periscope and Facebook Live, simply copy and paste the link of your video into your blog post. This will put the replay broadcast in your content. For Snapchat you can download the video to your gadget in your camera role and transfer it over to your desktop. You can also download your snap video to your camera role, and then upload it to YouTube. From YouTube, use the share button to copy and paste the link into your blog post. Now that your live stream broad cast is on your blog post, your readers will be able to click on the video and watch your replay. This could help your follower number on your live stream too. For even more eyeballs on your blog post, keep reading as I get into sharing content multiple times below.

  • PostPlanner [aka my virtual social media manager]

PostPlanner is an exceptional social scheduling tool. In addition to have a schedule function much like HooteSuite, PostPlanner also finds the most shared, liked and retweeted posts on the internet and brings them to your account for you to simply click, schedule and share. Here’s a video of exactly what PostPlanner does and can do for your blog and business.


I like to have a mix of content PostPlanner provides combined with my content marketing from my blogs, live streams and images I create with Canva. These three ingredients make a winning social strategy for engagement and top notch branding. When using Postplanner for live stream sharing, you can take your copied links directly from your broadcasts and place them in the post to be scheduled on PostPlanner. Use the repeat function to have the post scheduled daily, weekly or monthly automatically! WALA all done. Another way you can re share your live stream broadcasts using PostPlanner is to take the blog posts mentioned above and have the post scheduled multiple times in a month (or infinitely) so that each blog article is being tweeted and posted multiple times. Now your live stream content from that blog post is going out and folks who are directed to your article will also be able to watch the replay. If you are interested in PostPlanner, use my affiliate link to get signed up. I can’t say enough about how much I love this service. It has been a real live saver and brought my social strategies tremendous value.


  • A third way you can re share your live stream broadcasts is to list them at the bottom of your emails each time you send out an email to your community. Perhaps you send the ones that are similar to an email you just sent out with a note that says “if you liked this, you might enjoy these live stream broadcasts”. Then use the titles of your broadcasts and link them to your videos. This will take traffic directly to your replays after your original audience already watched. You can get more eyeballs on your content and message and grow your following.

Live stream is a crucial part of our social media content. Using it for all it is worth and being sure to get as much mileage from the incredible platform will be essential to your continued online success.

Lisa Illman helps businesses create robust sales pipelines with social media, livestream and business development techniques. She writes on the topic of livestream for business and has guest blogged for Duct Tape Marketing, and The Content Marketing Institute. Lisa has been featured in and Entrepreneur Magazine as a professional successfully using livestream for business.
5 Stupid Simple Ways to Share Your Live Stream Broadcasts Mulitple Times
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5 Stupid Simple Ways to Share Your Live Stream Broadcasts Mulitple Times
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