CharlesDarwinJust like all social media channels, blogging continues to change and evolve. What started out as creative and newsworthy writing morphed into Google pleasing for GPR (Google Page Rank) and eventually a blanket term called SEO (search engine optimization). With the creation of Twitter, delivery of news has changed and the channel to reader for blogs has changed too. The internet is one…….. big……..  constant……. never-ending change. As Charles Darwin says, “It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Alas, for those of us who generate revenue from the internet and use it as a means to learn, build and communicate (so just about everyone), we must embrace the next big things that ‘stick’ with the masses.

It is no secret that I believe livestream in general is one of those ‘big things.’ I have been excited about this unique app and now create products like my latest SpeakerStream™.   This online course teaches entreprenuers how to build a strong profitable foundation using livestream. I have been asked several times lately if I think livestream will replace blogging. My answer is no. It will however change the landscape of blogging yet again. The best way to start to go with the livestream flow as a blogger is to embrace the new video technology. Here are some creative Periscope topics for you to blog about. These are a good start and should also get the creative juices flowing on even more topics. Have you blogged about livestream? Leave me a comment with your favorite topics, I’d love to share ideas!

Compare Periscope To Other Livestream Apps

Now is a great time to let your readers know the differences and the similarities between Periscope and Snapchat or Facebook Live. I do just that in my tutorials I am hosting in April and will be writing an article on the content of those tutorials at the end of the summer. If I wrote an article now it would be so different than one I write in September. That is how fast things are rolling out! ZOOM! Keep your readers up to date with a main article that summarizes your comparisons. After that, you can link other articles that highlight changes, additions and features right back to that blog post.


Gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets! This is such a favorite among the Periscope community. Everyone wants to know what tripod convertor to get, which microphone to use and much more. Write a post on the gadgets needed to Periscope properly and watch your blog traffic soar!

People To Follow On Periscope

This is a great one for either the heavy hitters (like Gary V – geez he is knocking it out of the park on livestream!) or you can do influencers from your community. I like the idea of keeping it to a niche market that you serve because there is nothing better than getting your community connected.

Round Up of Periscope Articles

If you don’t have Google Alerts set up for Periscope, simply do a Google search or bookmark articles you see throughout the week so you can come back and scoop them up for your blog post. BTW, this is a great blog anchor that you can do every week. If your community is interested in Periscope, they will love you for delivering all the top news right to their inbox via email!

How To Grow Your Following On Periscope

This is a great topic for all social media platforms, and Periscope isn’t any different. People are always looking for tips and tricks on how to grow their social media following. It never gets old! If someone has 100 followers, they want 1,000. If they have 1,000 they want 10,000. You can start your articles consecutively and grow with your readers writing another article each week or month with a larger amount. Mention the previous post of course and link it back so newbies always have a place to begin if they aren’t yet ready for the next growth spurt.

As Periscope and other livestream apps become more and more mainstream, the opportunity to go deeper and more robust with blogging about livestream will be easier. It is an exciting time on the internet, the only constant is change! I believe livestream is just another wonderful resource for bloggers to write about with content rich quality!



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