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Five Periscope Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

More and more people are clicking on their broadcast buttons and going live through the incredible live stream app Periscope. It is a remarkable social media tool that is giving millions of people the ability to connect real time with the simple click of a button. If you are using live stream for a business, there are some common mistakes that are being made. Below are the no no’s of scoping and how you can easily avoid them before your next broadcast.

  1. Lack of Introduction

It is easy to get into the habit of thinking everyone knows you and why you are live streaming, but truth be told, if you are not a celebrity it is a good idea to at least say your name and what topics you usually scope. This is especially true if you are scoping for business so practicing your introduction ahead of time is a good idea. I like to tell people what I do, what I scope about and where they can find me ( and on Twitter @lisaillman). A brief statement like “Hi, for anyone who does not know me, my name is Lisa Illman. I help professionals build robust sales pipelines in 90 days or less. You can find me on Twitter @lisaillman”. This is my shortest introduction and I use it often to remind people of what I do and let the newbie’s know what I am usually scoping about.


  1. Off Topic

There is no doubt, during a broadcast it can get pretty chaotic with all the hearts and comments floating up on the screen while you are talking. This can be a major distraction and many scopers start answering all of the comment questions, leaving the original scope topic in the dust. Try to stay on topic. Your title is what brought viewers in and it is important to provide them with what they came for. If there are several questions from viewers, let them know you are not ignoring them and you will be sure to check all the questions and schedule another scope to answer them. Let them know you want to stay on topic so you can provide the content promised.


  1. Thumbnail Blunder

Thumbnails are the photos that are automatically snapped by Periscope the moment you go live. This can be challenging because your lens is typically facing the outside until you go live, and then you flip it in your direction. Be aware of what the camera is pointing at. Those thumbnails get tweeted out all around the Internet. Don’t let your toilet be the focal point of your scope. If you can, position something in front of the lens like a computer screen or sign that has a photo of your logo or website. That makes for a great thumbnail and a wonderful way for branding.

  1. Not Engaging With Viewers

The other end of the pendulum to #2 is completely ignoring viewers. While staying on topic is important, you need to have a good balance of engaging with viewers during your broadcast. My rule of thumb is to greet people as they come in and then answer every third comment. I let folks know I am not ignoring them and at the same time try to answer as many questions as I can without straying from the theme of the scope. It is a balancing act and takes practice, but before you know it you will be scanning comments and addressing the ones that are appropriate for the points covered. Talk to your viewers, engage and acknowledge!

  1. Engage with Trolls

Unfortunately, on Periscope just like any other social media platform, there are trolls who come into your scope and try to mess up your broadcast. My rule of thumb is to ignore or block. I usually go for block because their comments are too distracting to allow, but whatever you do, do not engage with them. More then likely you are trying to reason with a 13-year-old stoned boy who is simply bored. Trying to reason with him is like trying to smell the color orange. Don’t do it. It isn’t fair to the viewers and it will just get you in a tailspin.

I believe live stream is the biggest, hottest social media platform available and can be a game changer for small business. It is crucial to incorporate it into your social media marketing strategies. Go for excellence every time you go live, remembering that excellence is doing the best that you can. Excellence is not being perfect. Social media is the place to be your authentic self, while polishing your skill sets too!

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