bloggers who speakIf you are a blogger who is struggling to monetize your website, this article is for you. No, this is not about how to pick the perfect affiliate, land your ideal sponsor or create magnetizing SEO keywords that drive traffic like crazy right to your bank account. This blog post is all about a tremendous opportunity bloggers have to be seen, heard, and strategically positioned to gain incredible exposure to their blogs. This one little activity can make a staggering difference in your blog results and below I outline exactly why.

But first, what is this one seemingly easy, yet profound activity that can sky-rocket your blog revenue results?


Yes, that is correct. Speaking. Speaking can drive your results as a ho-hum blogger and position you to be the leader of your blogging niche, the go to blogger of blogs, the blogger everyone wants a ‘piece of’.

Speaking can make all the difference for a blogger.

I hear you bloggers gasping for air as you read the one word that can take you from good to great. Most of you bloggers are comfortable behind the computer, quietly pounding out your work where two way conversations don’t have to happen. Where handshakes and eye contact are not necessary. You are content creating your masterpieces from the comfort of your office chair where you can allow your introverted self to be in solitude as you build your online community. You think I am crazy to suggest such a thing, I mean afterall, you have worked so hard to build a lifestyle you craved so deeply. I am holding firm on this regardless of your indifference, so please, hear me out. Read below and see if you are not perhaps the least bit persuaded to consider speaking at a blogging conference, Meetup or online Summit in the near future.

How Speaking Can Improve Your Blog Revenue Results


As a blogger you have probably worked very hard to earn the credibility you deserve. Through content marketing, stellar images and participating in your groups to offer blogging tips and tricks, you have earned the blogger respect you deserve! Now double that credibility and speak! DOUBLE Credibility!?! Yes, I am implying you can double your credibility through speaking at conferences, Meetups and online Summits. When you are asked and accepted to speak on a topic, you are naturally being put in a position that screams credibility. What is even more beneficial is you are not the one screaming it, the event planner has decided you are credible enough to speak on the topic you have been awarded to provide. Speaking can and will double your credibility within your niche. There is no doubt about this.

bloggers who speakSponsorship

By standing in front of the podium or microphone while providing valuable content marketing to an audience, you will be seen and heard by potential sponsors for your blog. Because you get to speak to the audience, your sponsors will trust and like you faster than they will through email exchange. People do business with people they know like and trust. Use your authentic voice to get more sponsors for your blog!


It is no secret, the folks who are speaking tend to be influencers within their community and niche. When you speak, you have access to these influencers that you might not normally have if you weren’t one of the speakers. If you are speaking at a conference, be sure to reach out to other speakers through email prior to the conference. Introduce yourself and let them know you like their work and why. Send a link to your blog with a few short sentences describing your theme. When you take the time to plant these seeds, you are setting yourself up to start networking among influencers. This networking strategy will align you with collaborators and partners who can refer you sponsors, buy your products, share their community with you and your blog plus much more. Speaking will up your networking game.


You might be thinking, I want to be a blogger, not a leader?!? Do both. Through speaking you will naturally become a leader. A leader in your niche, a leader in your community, a leader among other bloggers. When you become a leader, people follow. They will buy your products, invest in your affiliates and come to your blog for advise on blogging. The nice thing about speaking is you do not have to call yourself a leader, you are doing a leadership act by taking the stage. Speaking will put you in a position to lead more traffic and business right to your blog.

Blog Topics

Speaking as a blogger is going to give you a boat-load of blogging topics. This will be great for for freshening up your blog content and offering a new perspective on your blog theme. You can take your readers with you to conferences, write about your speaking fears, advantages of speaking for your blog and much more. Speaking is a great way to generate more information for your website.

I know speaking can be a real anxiety generator, but nothing worth doing is ever easy. Sometimes we tap into talents and strengths through the very same fears that held us in chains for so long. If nothing else, I hope you at least consider the idea of speaking if you are a blogger. This one activity alone can generate a new level of business pure blogging alone cannot.



5 Reasons Bloggers Should Speak
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5 Reasons Bloggers Should Speak
5 Reasons Bloggers Should Speak is an article listing the benefits a blogger can enjoy when they begin to speak at conferences, meetups, associations and online summits.
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