Hey folks! So I am getting quite a few questions regarding Facebook Live and what it means for Periscope. Obviously I do not have a crystal ball so I am going on what I know to be the facts as they are today, and speculating based on these facts. Periscope currently has 10,000,000 users and while that is 5X the number Meerkat holds, it is peanuts compared to the 1.5 billion users on Facebook. Lets explore how this is going to unfold.

As it stands now, Facebook Live is only offered to a select number of the celebrities. Facebook has announced rolling out Facebook Live to a portion of their general public members in the very near future. They are rolling it out slowly at first so they can tweak any glitches for the large amount of users it will eventually attract. Facebook will continue to roll out their livestream app and my guess is by the end of 1st quarter 2016 all 1.5 billion users will have access. This is an incredible reach and quite different than what Meerkat and Periscope had when they launched. For example, Facebook Live is connected to Facebook and although Twitter owns Periscope, Periscope is its own stand alone app. There was not the in your face access that Facebook will be able to present to its already existing foundation of users. The potential for Facebook Live to be the largest and most used livestream app is huge.

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If you have been using Periscope, don’t panic. Migrating to Facebook Live does not have to be painful and in fact you are in an ideal position to leverage your livestream experience smoothly. I list some steps below that will ease the process and help you take advantage of your unique position.Do NOT Stop Using Periscope

Do not cut and run, do not abruptly stop using Periscope.

In an uncertain world, you just never know what can happen as Facebook Live rolls out so do not stop using Periscope. It will take sometime for Facebook Live to get up and running so you want to stay connected. Plus, Periscope has become quite popular with many of us, so it is unclear who will actually use Facebook Live; many may not want to stream from two apps and stay with Periscope. These are connections you might want to keep!

Double or triple your scoping.

Yes, you read that correctly! I am suggesting you bump up your activity on Periscope! Why? Because you will increase your followers (and hearts) this way. Now more than ever you want to get connected with folks on Periscope! Read on to find out why…..

Connect with your Periscope followers on Facebook.

As you develop your relationships on Periscope, make sure you are friending them on Facebook. You most likely have a large amount of new connections from Periscope that you were not connected with on Facebook. Get connected with them now! It is obvious why, right?

Bump up your activity in your Periscope Tribes

Incredible relationships can be developed through Tribes. Now more than ever you want to be active with the Periscope community. Meet new connections, do a few Past the Casts, engage in the Facebook Groups. These connections you do not want to lose if Facebook Live becomes the primary livestream resource. Take advantage of the time you have to get connected with people, become their friend on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and request connection with them on LinkedIn. If you are not part of a Tribe, now is the time to get with one. If you do not know about Tribes, follow me on Periscope; @lisaillman. I will be scoping about Tribes and blogging about each one and what they offer. Be sure to get on my email distribution list!

The best way to start thinking about Livestream is ‘generally’, much like social media. I believe Livestream is going to be the dominate communication tool on the internet. Much like social media and the different platforms we have to choose from, there will be a number of apps offering Livestream and each will probably have unique features and cater to a certain demographic. One thing social media experts seem to agree on, Facebook is just so big you cannot overlook being on there if you are a business. I believe this same rule will apply to Facebook Live. It will be too big not to matter.



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