fear of public speaking

I started public speaking when I was an employee for a large Fortune 100 company. Most of my presentations were to prospective customers and upper management. When I started speaking on my own, for my business and brand, I was so green I was rarely crossing my t’s and dotting my i’s. I did the preparation part, but what I didn’t really realize was the tremendous opportunities public speaking could and would bring my way. Here are 5 things I wish I had known ahead of time that would have helped me leverage speaking immediately, bringing even more results to my business right away.

I wish I would have known……

  • how much public speaking positions the speaker as a leader in the marketplace.

I would have started sooner. I still can’t believe how much this statement rings true. I am talking speaking to the public at conferences, associations, meetups, corporations and even livestream. The simple act of being the person on stage or live on Periscope and any livestream app is an incredible force. People naturally consider the speaker a leader. If you think about the people who speak are almost always the leaders. Leaders of a country, a company, a group, a meeting…. The leader usually has front and center so without saying anything at all, a speaker holds a leadership position. Everyone is looking to that person for the message, the content, the entertainment and the direction. It is quite brilliant really. You don’t have to go on about yourself trying to convince people you are a leader, you just act like one by speaking publicly!

  • that the trust process with potential clients is expedited tremendously.

I have been in sales and marketing for quite sometime and getting in front of the customer was always a main objective. Face to face immediately helps the customer get a feel for you and what you are all about. I have always done well in face to face meetings with prospective clients. The face to face helped them get an immediate confirmation that integrity is a priority with me. What I didn’t realize was this same understanding resonates during a presentation. As the audience watches the speaker, they start deciding if they trust the person. A know, like, trust relationship begins to happen, and in some situations completely transcends all in that one encounter. Public speaking increases the trust process and like Zig Ziglar said “People will listen to you if they like you, but they will buy from you if they trust you.”

  • what an advantage public speaking gives a speaker over competitors.

My business here at lisaillman.com is so unique and offers services few do at this time, but I am still blown away with the amount of requests I get for everything from copywriting (no I do not do that service) to PR work like press releases (yes I offer that but only in business development PR packages). All types of requests come in that usually start off “Hi Lisa, I saw you on Periscope and really like what you are doing.” They then go on to tell me exactly what they heard that they liked and even some comment “I like your vibe.” Getting in front of a live audience is incredibly powerful for attracting people to you. If you are attracting people in and your competitors are spinning their wheels chasing outwardly……. Well, say no more.

  • a speaker can get paid for speaking even if the conference doesn’t pay.

I had no idea.

  • the same seeding strategies used during presentations can be used during livestreaming

This took me a bit of time to realize and incorporate, but the same seeding I use to get incredible results at a live conference work great on Periscope and Facebook Live too. There are of course some tweaks like driving traffic from the livestream to my website as opposed to leading the audience after a presentation to a table with my products and services. Getting those tricks and tips down is key but once I got into the groove with my easy seeding techniques, they worked like magic!

One of the main ways a salesperson or entrepreneur can differentiate herself among the crowd is by public speaking. Along came Periscope and the other livestream apps and we now can incorporate this type of speaking through social media which sure helps alleviate being a road warrior bouncing from one conference to another. I hope livestream doesn’t replace face to face presenting all together, but I sure am glad it can compliment public speaking and social media strategies so nicely! Incredible results can manifest when a person takes the stage or pushes broadcast, there is no doubt!


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