twitterimageI have been on Twitter for a few years now, and am even more active since Periscope has come to the social media scene. Twitter is a powerful tool and when use correctly and consistently can bring remarkable results. Just recently I was found on Twitter by Andy Meehan, founder of a new Philadelphia Meetup called StorySlam. The folks over at StorySlam saw me tweeting up a storm about livestream topics (and my broadcasts get tweeted out from Periscope) so they reached out to invite me to their meeting. They were getting the word out about the Philadelphia event and also wanted to connect regarding the topic of livestream. I am so glad I went their Meetup for not only was StorySlam a valuable networking event, the Philadelphia Inquirer was there so I got some press too! This is just one of the many ways Twitter has worked well in my business and for brand recognition.  Here are 5 tips to help you utilize the little blue bird to it’s full capacity.

  • Engage

This sounds like the same old, same old I’m sure. But let me give you some unique ways to engage on Twitter. First, there is an app called GIF that is fantastic to use on Twitter. A GIF is a group of picture put together to create a moving image. Here is a Twitter GIF.


Pretty cool huh? To use GIF simply post a tweet like you normally would. Before you type anything, check the bottom of your gadget to see GIF, like here in this photo. The GIF button is to the right of the camera.


Now you can click on GIF and it will bring up a search button with some of the most popular GIFs. You can use the search button to find a variety of things (like I did above for the Twitter). Use GIF images when you respond to people or simply tweet out a message with a GIF image. An example of what you could use when tweeting to someone who posted something funny, would be a movie star laughing really hard. Don’t worry too much finding the perfect GIF, just type ‘laughing’ in the search bar and let GIF bring back a host of images to choose from. I promise, you will find something! Have a sense of humor on Twitter. Engage and show your funny bone, your creative side. GIF can spice up tweets and replies fast!

Another unique way to engage on Twitter is to create your own virtual business card and tweet it to people as a follow-up, an invitation, or to say thank you. I like the app Canva because it is very easy to use and offers images the exact size of tweets. You can create an image that matches your brand or use one of Canva’s stock templates. Examples of when you might use a Canva virtual card is perhaps after one of your Periscope broadcasts. You can send thank you tweets with an image attached that will really impress your viewers! Not to mention, they will surely respond back and now you are engaging again.

  • Video

You can tweet short (very short) videos out that describe your business, offer a tip or promote a product. I like to make short videos on Instagram using the filter to enhance the video or make it black and white. After I post it on Instagram I tweet it out from Instagram or simply copy the link and paste it into a tweet. What a great way to get to know people and become trustworthy. There is something about video that people love, and I believe it is getting to see and hear the person behind the computer that makes video so comforting. Here is an example of a short video I did on Instagram and then tweeted it out too.

#smallbusiness #periscope #salestips

A video posted by Lisa Illman (@lisa_illman) on

  • Retweet

This is such an easy way to be active and participate on Twitter. You can retweet lots of folks in your following and influencers too, but do take this a step further and grow your following while you are at it! Use the search button on Twitter and find people in your target audience. Now retweet THEIR tweets. They will not only thank you, they will start to follow you, be curious about what you offer and retweet your content too!

  • TwitterChats

Participate in TwitterChats! There are all kind of chats going on all the time. You can find some in your niche by searching Twubs. Twubs offers a TwitterChat schedule board so you can easily browse around and find some chats that are of interest to you. If you are feeling really motivated, host your own TwitterChat! This is a great way to answer questions for your community. You can also moderate and organize a TwitterChat for your clients. They will love you for it!

  • Ask For Tweets From Periscope

One Periscope broadcast can create quite the PR on Twitter! If you have a product you launched, recently made the press, have a blog post you want help tweeting ask your Periscope community to help! If you provide consistent and valuable content to your viewers on Periscope, they will be more than happy to help you out! Use to shorten the url code of whatever you want tweeted. Include it in your Periscope title broadcast and then go live. Let your viewers know you would like them to tweet your story out and the link is easily accessible in the scope title. Let her rip!

Twitter is a great tool for connecting, engaging, collaborating and much more. The opportunities are endless and like anything, you get out of it what you put into it. I have had a great deal of success using Twitter. My best results riding the blue bird is when I am having fun and socializing.



Lisa Illman is a business development consultant and livestream strategist. Her latest product is SpeakerStreamâ„¢. When Lisa is not working with clients, she is on Periscope, Twitter or hanging with her adorable furball Finnegan.


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