It has been approximately 7 months since I started on Periscope, the powerful livestream app that has everyone chattering. I look back and can’t believe how much this platform has been doing for so many people, including me. In this article I want to focus on how Periscope has directly effected my speaking profession, but this is only a slice of the benefits I have received since I started broadcasting.

  • Practice, practice, practice

One of the most important activities a speaker can attend to is her actual speaking. Practicing is the best contributing factor to a speaking profession. Even highly paid keynote speakers who have learned to dominate the stage attribute their success to continued practice. I push broadcast daily and each time provide some sort of content that is aligned with my business. What a great way to hone in on my speaking skills and really get comfortable with saying my value proposition over and over. Periscope is a great way to practice, practice, practice.

  • Connecting and Networking

I dive into this a bit more during my free workshop this Friday night. One of Periscope’s unique features is the sense of community it offers. There are several ways to tap into niches and specific networks using Periscope, so if you want more information click the image below and get signed up. It is a freebie! I have been connecting with many other public speakers and even meeting them in person at different venues I heard about through word of mouth on Periscope. This little app is a great way to reach deeper into your networks, identify key influencers, and exchange best practices.


  • Speaking Engagement Topics

I have become literally obsessed with livestream and all the opportunity it is bringing to entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and small businesses. Because I have such a curiosity for the app and the ones following, I now speak on the topic of livestream. I have landed several gigs with livestream as a topic that wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for my own broadcasting and fascination with Periscope. This has to be one of the biggest benefits so far.

  • Identifying Better Opportunities

One of the challenges a speaker has are the number of unpaid speaking engagements that could possible land us in front of ideal audiences. Knowing when to say yes and when to say no can be a real challenge. Since I started on Periscope I have been able to really identify what works for me and use my time much more effectively. Not only does Periscope automatically put me in front of hundreds of people per broadcast (without the travel hassle and costs), I have a broader network of people to ask about conferences that attract the right audiences. In my SpeakerStream™ I dig deeper into this topic because it is so important to use time wisely as a speaker. Periscope has been a driving force in this process and continues to help me get better and better at improving my ROI.

SpeakerStream™ValueProp2If you are a speaker considering livestream, may I just suggest you give it a shot for 30 days. Put together a scope schedule (time of day you will be broadcasting) and think of some topics that align with your book, brand and product. Then begin. If you want some guidance on monetizing, check out my SpeakerStream™ course! I started building a revenue stream three weeks after I started on Periscope and haven’t looked back yet!

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