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Commonsense is not always so common, and on any given day it is very easy to lose sight of what makes us masters of our day and our businesses. Interactions with others, how we present ourselves, what we say, wear and even our body language all play an incredible part in bringing our best self to the day. We might not care how others perceive us all the time, and that is okay. What is not okay is thinking we are putting out a certain demeanor such as a positive attitude, to later find out that we were being received quite negatively. It could have been something as simple as body language that screams with messages every second, of everyday, all the time. Perhaps our shoulders were slouchy during a negotiations meeting signaling lack of confidence. There are numerous ways we are giving off vibes about our thoughts, attitudes, energy levels, emotional maturity and more. Below is a list designed for you to read over in the morning  to start your day on the right foot. I like to keep my list in my notes on my smart phone so I can refer to it throughout the week. These ‘best self tips’ are priceless in keeping me in check throughout my day and especially before interactions with others.

5 Ways to Bring Your Best Business Self Every Time

  • Be Present

It is so important to stay in the moment in business and in personal and yet somehow eludes most of us at any given moment. I know for me, I can be having a conversation with someone and as I am ‘listening’, start thinking about my next meeting. If I am prepared for my meetings, there is no reason to be drifting off mentally into the future. When we try to live in the future we get anxious. When we start dwelling on the past, we can become depressed or agitated by mistakes we may have made. Staying in the moment is ideal for optimum mental health. Tricks for staying in the present moment include being focused, taking breaks when needed and concentrating on breathing. These simple practices have a way of bringing you right back center and available for the activity at hand.

  • Look Sharp

Dress appropriately and take care of your appearance. Preparation goes a long way for this best self practice. Picking out clothes the night before is a huge time saver and can eliminate rushing around in the morning. I like to lay out my outfit the night before and even have a back up just in case I spill coffee on my primary pick. Having everything set out the night before also helps me relax in the evening. My rule of thumb for dress code is to be just one step above the expectation. While over dressing is a no-no, under dressing is a huge miss. Showing up looking sharp, polished and ready to go sends a good message to those you will come in contact with. I always feel twice as good on the inside when my outside appearance is top-notch. Posture, confidence and attitude can all be affected by our physical appearance. Take a little extra time to look good for your day!

  • Have an Objective

Knowing your goals before your day starts is incredibly empowering. Having no destiny, no plan and no stated objective is a very bad foundation for your day and overall business. I have consulted with many solo-entrepreneurs who thought they were lazy or procrastinators when in reality they were simply lacking direction. Good orderly, purposed direction is a compass for success. Without an objective, a stated goal, you’ll lose your way and start to feel defeated. The good news is, once you put some objectives down on paper and execute a success plan, everything will move in the right direction. Results will manifest, your mood will improve and attitude will even become especially positive. Everything is tied back to focus and objectives, so don’t skimp here!

  • Eye Contact

Even if you do not have one on one meetings, take advantage of practicing eye contact with every single person you come in contact with. Our eyes are the gateway to the soul and each time you look someone in the eyes, you connect on a deeper level. When we are connecting with people, miracles happen. You don’t feel like you are going it alone, which can be a common feeling among solo-entrepreneurs. If you work in a home office or an office with no people, push yourself to go out walking, hit a coffee shop for a break and go to a park for lunch. Say hello to the people you see and be sure to have eye contact with each of them. Make a game out of it, for the benefits of doing this simple task far out way the work involved. If you do have a meeting with someone, don’t be creepy and stare them down, but be sure to look them in the eyes and let them know their time with you is valued.

  • Have Fun

I know, this sounds so cliche and simple, but for real already, so many people loose site of this! If you are really feeling like things are wearing you down, that you are not laughing at some point throughout your day, that when you look back at the end of your day you cannot find one time it was a hoot, you need to examine deeply. Life is here, you are living it right now and if life isn’t fun, I can assure you, your business will suffer. Barbara Corcoran from Shark’s Tank credits her real estate success to having fun first. She says that having fun with her team was a top priority and she is sure a reason they were consistently successful. When you are enjoying yourself other people who love to have fun are instantly attracted to you. Hence, we attract what we are, not what we want, so be fun, have fun and enjoy the ride. You will build an incredible community of fun loving people by simply being yourself!

I realize these are no-brainers, but they slip by the best of us all the time. In fact, when I feel myself getting off track and losing my center, I schedule a reminder on my smart phone so I get a daily alert. Right now I have an alert that comes to me at 1:00PM everyday to do a self awareness check. This is when I do a quick scan of my muscles to see if I’m tensing up. I start on my face, check to see if I am grinding my teeth, loosen up those facial muscles and then proceed down to my toes. It takes less then a minute but helps me to loosen up become aware. Awareness always gets me in the moment, so this quick and simple body scan puts me in the present every time.

I could add many other tips to mastering your day, but I’d love to hear some of your favorites? What activities do you practice that build your self to be the best you can be? Leave me a comment, I’ll put together a checklist for us and post it in my store as a freebie!


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