Keeping a positive attitude while growing your book of business can be a a tall order, yet it is absolutely necessary for success. Being able to handle 25 rejections in order to get 1 yes while having the mindset to keep going is a challenge in itself. Whether you are selling products, services, trying to book speaking gigs, filling your workshop or course, pitching your business to investors or just growing your social media following, a winning mental mindset is necessary to keep your head in the game. Without a chipper outlook, you will bring a disposition that won’t help the client and audience realize your potential. Negative thinking can eliminate right action all together, leaving a gaping hole for defeat to sneak in.

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Negative thingreenmonsterking, negative actions and a negative persona can infiltrate all aspects of your business efforts subtly, quickly and fast! Think of negativity as a little green monster that has the ability to move and change shape, penetrating all your efforts. The booger is sneaky but powerful! The best way to eliminate negative mindset is to prevent it from happening in the first place. This is my number one way to fend it off for an entire day. If the monster does manage to get in, the next best strategy is to stop it in its tracks!



Here is good news; relief is not far away! Once you get into the practice of creating a positive mindset, it is much easier to maintain and far easier to turn around a negative one that starts to creep in. Here are 5 ways that I get on the positive for profits track, and more importantly, stay on track. I owe it to myself, my business and my clients!



  • Smile and Laugh

I know how hard this can be to remember to do when you are right in the middle of a good ole rant or string of negative thoughts. But just like everything, the more you practice this, the more it will become second nature. When you feel your brows scrunching too much and your scowl hanging on too long, lift those cheeks way up and give a big ol’ smile! The crazy great thing about smiling and laughing is that our bodies don’t know we are ‘faking’ it. So you will still get a shot of the feel good chemicals even if you aren’t quite there yet mentally. Smile and laugh, you will be there before you know it!

  • Music and Singing

This can be a great way to not only turn you mood around, but also turn it up a notch big time! Be sure to only play music that is not sad or filled with violent language. I personally like to turn a bad mood around by first playing mellow music that is peaceful and serene. After I am feeling pretty calm, next bump it up a notch. If I am already in pretty good spirits, I get right into my fast paced, energetic rock music. This is great for maintaining positivity and I love it while outside getting a fast walk in. All systems are turned in the right direction! Body, mind and soul.

  • Watch an Uplifting Movie

Okay, so I like a curl over belly buster from time to time. A movie that I am literally in tears from laughing so hard. One of my favorites is There’s Something About Mary. OMG when Cameron Diaz uses what she thinks is hair gel in her hair. I laugh just thinking about it! A funny comedian is also a great way to release some fabulous laughing mojo. If you need a confidence boost, The Fighter, Rocky and The Pursuit of Happyness are all top notch! What are your favorite upbeat movies? I’d love some more ideas, so please add your recommendations in the comment box below!

  • Skip Around the Block

I realize how ridiculous this looks, so seriously think about doing it in the evening. If you are super worried about your neighbors seeing, drive to another neighborhood or go to a park with a path. If you have kids, bring them with you and blame it on them. There is something about skipping that really boosts the mood. I read about this in one of Tony Robbins books and he was spot on about it being a mood lifter. I also notice that skipping is an art! I literally have to focus on how to skip, which is great for getting out of my head and away from the negative monster.

  • Pen to Paper

Write out your affirmations. The key here is to write them out before you get into a real bad negative head space. If you are already in the negative head space, use the time to write out what is bothering you. Really try and identify what it is that is going on to bring you down. Almost always it is some sort of fear. Once you have identified the problem take a few minutes to clear your head. Now start writing your affirmations. Pen to paper is also a great technique in the morning. If you are in a good head space, a great way to maintain it is by writing out your ideal day. Scratch out how you want to feel, what will happen, and the activity you will put forth. Really visualize it. There is something about the hand and brain working together that experts say really helps to confirm your intentions.Negative thinking can turn into negative actions, which done enough times will ultimately turn your business negative and even your entire lifestyle. Be aware of the warning signs when the negative monster starts knocking. Turn things around, and even better, stay proactive with the above steps which will help a positive way of life!





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