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When I started on Periscope over 11 months ago, I instinctively knew that there was something to this new live stream app concept that was putting an incredible amount of power in the hands of regular, everyday solopreneurs. I had no idea that Facebook would soon jump on board, followed by YouTube finally getting their own app via mobile and that Snapchat would bump up its game with additional features and filters. Of course Instagram wanted in on the video craze and increased their 10 second videos to a full minute. Meanwhile, Periscope needed to keep up with all the copycats so they made streaming live available on Twitter, without even downloading the Periscope live streaming app. The first 6 months of 2016 has seen so many updates, new apps, new features and some great content marketing ideas and strategies as it applies to live stream. I have been doing my own strategies and techniques that have gotten me quite a bit of success with live stream including but not limited to a spread in that highlights my Periscope live stream journey, an interview with Entrepreneur Magazine as the live stream expert, several speaking engagements on the topic of live stream for business, new clients, the creation of an online live stream and professional speaking course and much more. In addition to my own social streaming expedition, I have been observing other broadcasters who use the platform for business. Especially interesting to me are the variety of live stream communities popping up all around social media platforms. I write about this in an article for Duct Tape Marketing Consultant. Since then, my observations have shifted to become especially aware of what makes a successful live stream broadcaster for business. Here are the 7 ways an individual can build a target audience, begin to monetize their efforts and create brand awareness through live broadcasting.

  • Engage

Successful live stream broadcasters for business engage with their audience. This is much easier to do on Periscope and Facebook Live than other video apps like Snapchat and Instagram. Engaging with your audience will help you resonate with them. A few ways to engage while broadcasting is to use their first names as they come into your broadcast. Say hello and give them a warm smile. Another way to stay engaged is to answer questions they might have, or acknowledge comments. You can even ask questions to inspire viewers to participate. Another great way to engage via live stream is to follow-up with your audience after the broadcast. I love to use the Messenger app on Facebook and send a short voice message to a handful of viewers who asked questions and participated. Following up is a great way to say ‘thanks for attending’ and answer any other questions they might have.

  • Consistent

Successful live stream broadcasters for business are consistent. You do not necessarily have to show up at the same time everyday, but do be consistent. If you can only stream 3x a week, be sure to stream 3x a week. When I first started on Periscope, I wanted to build tremendous moment so I went live 2-3 times a day. Now I am usually broadcasting once a day with one day completely off. I have a community, regular attendees and also still attract new viewers. Consistency is key on live stream.

  • Clarity

Successful live stream broadcasters for business are clear on their message prior to going live. It is easy to get too loose on live stream because it is so easy to push broadcast and start rambling, but if your goal is to use live stream for business, knowing what your points are going to be ahead of time will help you stay on point doing the stream. Lack of clarity will confuse viewers and eventually you could loose credibility in your profession. I still write out my points that I want to make so I don’t trail off and get lost in my message.

  • Content

Successful live stream broadcasters provide valuable content to their community. No matter what your profession, giving viewers something they can use to improve their life, help them save money, earn money or be more efficient will get you tremendous results. Viewers will want to know more about your services and start to refer your broadcasts to their friends and associates. I provide lots of ideas in my live stream topic post that should get you started with some good live stream content ideas.

  • Social Media

Successful live stream broadcasters for business use social media to help them promote their broadcasts before, during and after broadcasting. It is a bit more work but once you get some systems in place and automate as much as you can, you’ll become more efficient with social media and streaming. The two are a powerhouse, so don’t fall short on this one. In my article,

“Don’t Be Quiet On Social Media” 

I give you lots of ways to get the word out about your content marketing that can also be applied to live stream promoting. Be sure to use Twitter and Facebook as much as possible when it comes to Periscope and Facebook Live. Your target audience is probably on both if you are using these live stream apps, so take advantage of the platforms and the reach they provide.

  • Re-Purpose

Successful live stream broadcaster for business re-purpose their live stream content. For example, this post is a re-purposed article that I am using from a Periscope broadcast I recently streamed. I will also probably take the 7 habits and ‘snap’ them each individually as short videos. There are so many ways you can re-purpose your content, but it is a a strategy all the successful social media enthusiasts use.

  • Thine Own Self Be True

Successful live stream broadcasters for business are authentic and true to their brand and style. So many solopreneurs are on the internet watching what others are doing and get caught up in FOMO (fear of missing out) so they jump around and try to be something they are not. I love Martha Stewart and I model her techniques she uses for live streaming on Facebook, but I am not Martha. I cannot be Martha and neither can you. Nobody can be you and you cannot be anyone else, so be true to yourself. This is where the real magic happens and this is what is so special about live stream. Authenticity can be seen, heard and felt during your broadcast and that is a good thing. Don’t squash the best feature live stream has to offer, which is unapologetically YOU!

7 Habits of Highly Successful Business Live Stream Broadcasters
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7 Habits of Highly Successful Business Live Stream Broadcasters
7 Habits of people who are using Periscope, Facebook Live and Snapchat successfully for business development and brand recognition.
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