Are you afraid of public speaking? Guess what? As it turns out, so is everyone else! It is one of the top things folks are scared to death of doing. So now that we have that out of the way, the real question to ask yourself,

“Am I going to let fear stop me? Or am I going to take the road less traveled and dominate public speaking?”

I want to see you go for it, I want to see you take your career, business and brand to the next level because you embraced your fear and learned to speak publicly. Either at conferences, association meetings, livestream or all of them! Dominate this craft and you will sky rocket your expertise to the next level. If you don’t believe you have an expertise, I believe you can find one through speaking to a live audience. I feel so strongly about this, I have put together a list of 8 ways to cope with your scopes, speak your truth and take on presentations like you never thought you could!

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  1. Realize Fear is Normal

Speaking in public is the top fear among people, so guess what? You are not alone if the thought of pushing the broadcast button terrifies you.

  1. Speak Your Truth Even if Your Voice Quivers

We all have a message, a story a voice. It is high time you speak yours and don’t worry too much if your voice shakes a bit. Your truth is what will make your story and message unique. How you deliver your message is also unique to you, so instead of trying to eliminate the imperfections, try embracing your vulnerability. People can identify with that (remember, speaking in public is a top fear!) so put you out there even if it is uncomfortable and awkward.

  1. Practice, Practice, Practice

The best way to build confidence prior to public speaking is to practice. Do it alone at first, line up some stuffed animals or make your pet watch you. Write out what you want to say and read it over and over. The sentences will come out naturally over time and this will build your confidence. Knowing your material takes practice. As you get more comfortable with live stream, it will come easier but practice, practice, practice at first!

  1. Say Mantras Daily

Hey, there is a mantra for everything, so let’s get you a few for live stream. And YES they work! Say one these or use one of your own and say it 10 times in the morning and 10 times before you go to bed. Eventually you will come to believe.

I love public speaking!

Everyday I improve my public speaking, and it feels great!

I rock at speaking in front of people!

I love live stream and all it can do for me!

I am damn good at this Periscope thing!

  1. Think of the Results

Instead of focusing on your fear, focus on the results you will get. For one, you will be embracing a big challenge head on and conquering the jitters. That is a very big accomplishment! Your business could prosper, your networking can improve and you may tap some skills you did not know you had.

  1. Visualize a Successful Scope

Imagine yourself scoping and all of the hearts tumbling in the air while people comment how magnificent you sound. They state all the ways your message is helping them and your heart fills with gratitude.

  1. Do a Private Periscope Before Your First

There are two ways to learn to swim; dive right and flail, or use the ladder and get in slow with a little support. Doing a private Periscope can be a great way to get some support first. Ask a friend or family member to be the audience. Someone who is supportive. Having a practice scope before you go live publicly will give you the opportunity to do a practice run and get a feel for the real one.

  1. Have Fun

Most importantly, don’t take yourself too seriously! Have fun with Periscope and Live Stream. The less time you spend focused on the negative way you feel, them more time you will have to prepare and enjoy. Periscope is a wonderful tool and can offer many benefits. Make one of the benefits having fun!


These should get you started. In addition, I am putting together a speaker workshop that will roll out in January. Keep your eyes peeled, and most importantly, make sure you are on my email distribution list!  See you on Periscope!

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