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Goals are such an important part of my life. I believe in having goals, using goals to stay focused, using goals to stay motivated in life and using goals for gauging progress. There is however a dangerous tendency if not careful, to use goals as a means of measuring and allowing happiness. It is easy to get caught in the trap of thinking, when THIS happens I will be happy! The problem with this approach to life is if we do not reach our goals we have decided not to be happy. And even when we do meet and achieve our goals, happiness is fleeting. Meeting and exceeding goals, especially material ones, has not proven to be the keys to sustainable bliss and purposeful living for me. Approaching life with an attitude of happily achieving instead of achieving to be happy has been a journey that is not only more fun and enjoyable, but leaves the control of my attitude and feelings within me. I am not suggesting as human beings we do not have deep feelings of sadness, disappointment and even anger. Instead, I am suggesting that only allowing myself to be happy if I achieve my goals short changes me and leaves out an incredible journey of enjoying the ride during all the chapters of my life, even the ones I miss my goals

This morning I did a Periscope on three ways to immediately get into a more positive, energetic state of being. Exercising is still a top tool for me to use for immediate results, and even more importantly long term positivity. Even though my health might not effect my sales numbers directly, my health is my wealth. An important business development marketing strategy for me is exercise.




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