Fear of Public Speaking
Do you want to Periscope but have a fear of public speaking? I understand completely; I was crippled with fear of speaking in public. I had an awful experience in College when I literally ran out of the Speech Communications classroom paralyzed with fear. It took me years to get the nerve up and start again. I was pretty much forced into speaking at a job I had. I was required to speak in front of peers and customers. I had to take the chance and try again. I used some tricks and techniques to build courage so I could start to take the steps needed in showing up and doing the best that I could.

I never want anyone else to suffer or put their dreams on hold because they are afraid of public speaking. Periscope can be a fantastic platform for business as well as a tool to start practicing public speaking. If you want to use live stream but are being held back by the jitters, I encourage you to leave me your email and name so I can send you some tricks and tips I used to calm myself enough to begin the process.

The job that forced me into taking the steps I needed to begin my public speaking journey ended up being a blessing in disguise. I love speaking and providing presentations on topics of interest to me. Through speaking and scoping, I even tapped talents and interests I did not realize I have. I encourage you to take the step. Get my list of tips and start your journey!

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