Instagram is one of the hottest most popular social media apps on the internet and now it offers livestream. The added features this Facebook owned giant continues to roll out puts it in one of my favorite 2017 social selling picks. Over 100 million users are logging on Instagram daily to post, scroll, tap and chat right from their smart phone. If you are using social streaming for business, check out Instagram if you are not already there now. I believe by 2018, you will be so glad you started to plant some seeds today that will grow into lucrative crops.

Just like all social media platforms, Instagram has unique features that when used correctly, can really broaden your community and attract new customers like a powerful magnet. Here are just a few ways you can get started today with no upfront capital needed.

Just like Twitter and Facebook, hashtags are very popular on Instagram. More importantly, hashtags bring more eyeballs to your posts than if you did not use them. Hashtags bring a lot more views, likes and comments. When using hashtags, consider using between 11-15 and if that isn’t enough, by all means go up to 30 (which is the maximum number of hashtags you can use on Instagram). When using hashtags on Instagram to attract customers and your community like a magnet, consider words that would appeal to your target audience. Since you will be using at least 11 hashtags, you will have plenty of extras to also use for the services you provide. In addition, use this incredible hashtag tool called to find the perfect hashtags. I think you will love it! Lastly, if you want to really be smart about using key hashtags that are attracting the right viewers, check out other businesses and solopreneurs that are already attracting their audience like bees to honey. Take note of the hashtags they are using and model. Play around with different hashtags to see what seems to work best for you.

  • Time of Day

Be aware of the different times of day you post and see what brings in the most viewers. I notice for me, posting early in the morning and again at night (after 7:00PM EST) is a real crowd generator. 3:00PM EST is also a sweet spot in my community. Here is a list of times to post on Instagram (and other social media platforms) that is extremely helpful. But do test these out. Play around with your times and see what is best for you and your community. This information should be used as a starting point.

  • Images

Instagram is very image conscious. Much like Hollywood, it almost demands an appealing look and the obvious way to achieve that is through the images. Instagram provides you with all the necessary features to create jaw-dropping, show-stopping images with its different filters. Every thing from Sepia to black and white and a bunch more in between. You’ll have what you need to post some pretty cool photos. If you are looking to brand and add pizzazz to your photos, check out for all your easy peasy graphic art needs. Posting snaps from your Snapchat account can also be fun, so explore, explore, explore! For businesses wanting to get a more polished or eye catching look with the overall account, profile patterns are a great way to do that.

  • Profile Patterns

One of my favorite ways to make content eye popping on Instagram is to create a pattern with images in the profile area. Check out what I have done using Canva with simple images and one liners. I picked red because I wanted to create a sense of boldness.

To create this pattern, I use 2 red images with a free flow image following. You can create all types of patterns, all types of colors or styles. Play around with it because having a variety of patterns can look really cool too. Each pattern can have its very own unique style that is specific to the message you want to make. I will be doing a checkerboard pattern next. I am thinking that in addition to red images that are alike, I will have black or black and white. Follow me on Instagram so you can see what I pick! Click here to follow me on Instagram!

  • Livestream

It is no secret, I am a huge fan of livestreaming for business. And Instagram is a great platform to be creating live video so your followers can get to know, like and trust you even more than they already do! It will also accelerate the process of know, like, trust for your new followers. One thing to remember, if you go live on Instagram, at this time, your video will not be saved. If you want a video that stays in your news feed, go ahead and create a video from Instagram. Both are wonderful tools to implement to your Instagram social selling strategies.

These tips will get you going on Instagram lickity split. You will not only have folks complimenting your work, you’ll be generated leads, attracting your target buyers and much more. If you would like help gaining more followers on Instagram and support managing your Instagram posts, feel free to contact me directly I’d love to help you!

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