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How to Handle a Marketing Campaign with a Small Budget

Struggling with an extremely limited budget is something that most small businesses have in common. When small business owners pay off their suppliers, workers and overhead costs, there’s almost nothing left for marketing campaigns. The good news is that business promotion doesn’t depend so much on finances anymore, at least not in the online environment. As a matter of fact, modern business owners can achieve a lot through online channels with no or little investment.

Set the campaign objectives

Running a scattered marketing campaign without previously setting a clear focus is a waste of already scarce resources. So, before you write a single promotional post in the social media, think about the following points:

  • Determine your greatest advantages and values. Stress them out in every situation.
  • Recognize your weak spots. They shouldn’t be in the spotlight, but don’t let them stop you. Work on their improvement.
  • Decide who you’re talking to. Too wide an approach to your audience will end in the gutter.
  • Let your employees be your promoters.

Once you’ve created a framework that reflects your business ideas, it’s easier to make your future steps.

Inspire your customers

You don’t need to be a millionaire to be able to afford a smartphone. This little gadget can have jaw-dropping effects on your visual promotion.

First and foremost, you can always use it to make original videos about your business. You could start by shooting your employees saying something clever, like your tagline. After that, move on to show your customers what a typical work day looks like in your office.

Finally, let them see the production process. This refers both to service providers and product manufacturers. When you start off with such a transparent approach to your customers, you will have a closer connection with your customers. Also, upload those videos to your YouTube channel, so as to attract new subscribers and potential customers.

As for the quality of the videos and the tricks of the trade, you’ll need reliable but free tools. So, check out a recent post by Tech Radar and try different solutions.

Let the words speak for you

Apart from your original video materials, it’s crucial that your marketing campaign contains interesting written pieces, created by well-versed content writers and copywriters. Now, here we have a contradiction. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, how can you afford such authors? Again, the answer lies behind a single mouse click. You should visit freelancing websites, such as People Per Hour, Guru or Upwork and do some research related to the offers of their registered writers. There you can find experienced writers at affordable rates.

Also, don’t hesitate to do some writing work on your own. After all, it’s you who stands behind the entire project, so shape your ideas into written form. When doing this, you might need some additional help, so read some useful tips for effective copywriting, published on

Embrace infographics

Two main pillars of digital promotion are textual and visual content features. Over the last few years, it’s become clear that the online audience reacts positively to combinations of words, stats and images – i.e. infographics. Since the following trends should be an important part of your business philosophy, embrace these solutions and use their power. For instance, enrich the posts that you publish on your website and blog with infographics. Moreover, publish them on your social media pages. In addition, you should know that the most valuable illustrations will be the ones you create on your own. No matter if you’re making a compilation of facts from your niche or presenting your own business results, it’s an amusing and resourceful technique to grasp your customers’ attention.

Use brand-promoting items

As you keep generating new leads and gaining new customers, you have to implement some more practical strategies for popularizing your business. And there’s nothing as traditional, yet innovative, as giving away different promotional items. Since everybody can make good use of clothes, you can start with T-shirts and hats. For instance, you can organize a contest and reward the users who answer your questions correctly. Additionally, they can be given thank-you presents after they had made a purchase.

On the other hand, experienced people from Amazing Wristbands suggest that you take an innovative approach and give away craftily made branded bracelets. As for other modern options, you can go with USB memory sticks with your logo printed on them or even power banks with the same emblem.

A small budget is not an obstacle. It’s only an excuse for people who are afraid to try something different. The only thing you need to start a marketing campaign is a clear vision and the Internet. If you have the former, our suggestions will help you make great use of the latter for inexpensive but impactful business promotion.

Contribution by Alex Williams

Alex Williams was born and raised in beautiful Sydney. She is a journalism graduate, and a rookie blogger trying to find her luck. Blogs are the perfect opportunity for presenting to wider a audience, getting the chance to showcase her expertise and receiving recognition. Alex is a regular contributor at BizzMark Blog.




5 Ways to Bring Your Best Business Self Every Time

success business tips

Commonsense is not always so common, and on any given day it is very easy to lose sight of what makes us masters of our day and our businesses. Interactions with others, how we present ourselves, what we say, wear and even our body language all play an incredible part in bringing our best self to the day. We might not care how others perceive us all the time, and that is okay. What is not okay is thinking we are putting out a certain demeanor such as a positive attitude, to later find out that we were being received quite negatively. It could have been something as simple as body language that screams with messages every second, of everyday, all the time. Perhaps our shoulders were slouchy during a negotiations meeting signaling lack of confidence. There are numerous ways we are giving off vibes about our thoughts, attitudes, energy levels, emotional maturity and more. Below is a list designed for you to read over in the morning  to start your day on the right foot. I like to keep my list in my notes on my smart phone so I can refer to it throughout the week. These ‘best self tips’ are priceless in keeping me in check throughout my day and especially before interactions with others.

5 Ways to Bring Your Best Business Self Every Time

  • Be Present

It is so important to stay in the moment in business and in personal and yet somehow eludes most of us at any given moment. I know for me, I can be having a conversation with someone and as I am ‘listening’, start thinking about my next meeting. If I am prepared for my meetings, there is no reason to be drifting off mentally into the future. When we try to live in the future we get anxious. When we start dwelling on the past, we can become depressed or agitated by mistakes we may have made. Staying in the moment is ideal for optimum mental health. Tricks for staying in the present moment include being focused, taking breaks when needed and concentrating on breathing. These simple practices have a way of bringing you right back center and available for the activity at hand.

  • Look Sharp

Dress appropriately and take care of your appearance. Preparation goes a long way for this best self practice. Picking out clothes the night before is a huge time saver and can eliminate rushing around in the morning. I like to lay out my outfit the night before and even have a back up just in case I spill coffee on my primary pick. Having everything set out the night before also helps me relax in the evening. My rule of thumb for dress code is to be just one step above the expectation. While over dressing is a no-no, under dressing is a huge miss. Showing up looking sharp, polished and ready to go sends a good message to those you will come in contact with. I always feel twice as good on the inside when my outside appearance is top-notch. Posture, confidence and attitude can all be affected by our physical appearance. Take a little extra time to look good for your day!

  • Have an Objective

Knowing your goals before your day starts is incredibly empowering. Having no destiny, no plan and no stated objective is a very bad foundation for your day and overall business. I have consulted with many solo-entrepreneurs who thought they were lazy or procrastinators when in reality they were simply lacking direction. Good orderly, purposed direction is a compass for success. Without an objective, a stated goal, you’ll lose your way and start to feel defeated. The good news is, once you put some objectives down on paper and execute a success plan, everything will move in the right direction. Results will manifest, your mood will improve and attitude will even become especially positive. Everything is tied back to focus and objectives, so don’t skimp here!

  • Eye Contact

Even if you do not have one on one meetings, take advantage of practicing eye contact with every single person you come in contact with. Our eyes are the gateway to the soul and each time you look someone in the eyes, you connect on a deeper level. When we are connecting with people, miracles happen. You don’t feel like you are going it alone, which can be a common feeling among solo-entrepreneurs. If you work in a home office or an office with no people, push yourself to go out walking, hit a coffee shop for a break and go to a park for lunch. Say hello to the people you see and be sure to have eye contact with each of them. Make a game out of it, for the benefits of doing this simple task far out way the work involved. If you do have a meeting with someone, don’t be creepy and stare them down, but be sure to look them in the eyes and let them know their time with you is valued.

  • Have Fun

I know, this sounds so cliche and simple, but for real already, so many people loose site of this! If you are really feeling like things are wearing you down, that you are not laughing at some point throughout your day, that when you look back at the end of your day you cannot find one time it was a hoot, you need to examine deeply. Life is here, you are living it right now and if life isn’t fun, I can assure you, your business will suffer. Barbara Corcoran from Shark’s Tank credits her real estate success to having fun first. She says that having fun with her team was a top priority and she is sure a reason they were consistently successful. When you are enjoying yourself other people who love to have fun are instantly attracted to you. Hence, we attract what we are, not what we want, so be fun, have fun and enjoy the ride. You will build an incredible community of fun loving people by simply being yourself!

I realize these are no-brainers, but they slip by the best of us all the time. In fact, when I feel myself getting off track and losing my center, I schedule a reminder on my smart phone so I get a daily alert. Right now I have an alert that comes to me at 1:00PM everyday to do a self awareness check. This is when I do a quick scan of my muscles to see if I’m tensing up. I start on my face, check to see if I am grinding my teeth, loosen up those facial muscles and then proceed down to my toes. It takes less then a minute but helps me to loosen up become aware. Awareness always gets me in the moment, so this quick and simple body scan puts me in the present every time.

I could add many other tips to mastering your day, but I’d love to hear some of your favorites? What activities do you practice that build your self to be the best you can be? Leave me a comment, I’ll put together a checklist for us and post it in my store as a freebie!


Seduce Editors With These Livestream Tips

Livestream for branding PR

Livestream made a huge splash in 2015 with the debut of Periscope, a video app that makes it possible to go live and record right from your smart phone. As 15 million people eventually downloaded the Twitter owned technology, larger social media platforms such as Facebook Live and Instagram followed suit with their own versions of live video.

In addition to being a great way to woo new clients, drive traffic to your website and become an infomercial making tool, livestream can seduce editors into publishing your story in major magazines and high traffic blogs. Below are just a few ways you can start using livestream to win over the press and media and gain exposure for your business and clients.

  • Livestream as Your Angle

Livestream apps are the hottest news to hit the internet, and the buzz continues as we bring in a new year. Day after day, livestream headlines decorate media outlets announcing new livestream apps, new features and lots of juicy stories. Everyday common people are making the news, and that makes it even easier for you to put together stories that attract editors like a magnet. Using livestream as an angle is exactly how you can get noticed right out of the gate with your story. This is exactly how I was able to land a feature article in with livestream as my angle and main content.

Consider these topics when exploring different ways to put together content that will get picked up lickity split.

Connecting livestream with business results is an excellent way to create an attractive story for major business magazines and online media outlets. Not only are you building a story that will be appropriate for the business writers, the story can also be tweaked to be ideal for technology writers and reporters who write on social media topics.


  1. Livestream as a pitching tool

Livestream can also be your pitching tool to editors and journalists. When you use any video to communicate on the Internet, viewers are able to get a much better feel of who you are and your personality. This opens up the ‘know, like and trust’ factors and instantly puts you in a better position with the editor. My favorite apps to use when pitching the media are Snapchat and now Twitter. Snapchat is a great livestream app that also provides fun filters that you can use if you want to be a bit more informal.


There is also a text banner you can use to label your live video with your email, phone number or website making it very easy for the editor to get in touch with you.

Using Snapchat is exactly how I was able to really stand out from other writers when my article was accepted on the very high traffic website, Content Marketing Institute. After putting together a very thoughtful and well-written article I submitted it to the editor directly. Interestingly enough, CMI had on their website that they were not accepting new bloggers at the time, but I really wanted them to consider me. After I sent my article over, I followed up with a Snapchat video that I created introducing myself and explaining I had a great story I thought they’d want to peak at. I mentioned that I had just emailed the story over and I stated the title with a bit of information. After I made the snap, I tweeted it to the CMI Twitter account. Within an hour I heard from their editor and was published on CMI the following month. They loved the creative angle I took to get their attention and the social media savvyness of tweeting it to them. I was even invited to join their Twitter chat the following week, which of course I did.

Livestream is a great way to build rapport with editors. Twitter has even added a livestreaming option so you can go live directly from the Twitter livestream app. If you do want to make a livestream video for an editor, be sure to copy them in your tweet so they see it. You can also tag people on Facebook so if you are friends with an editor you can always tag them in your video title or tag them in the comments after your live video is created. They can catch the replay as watch your pitch right from their Facebook account!

  1. Livestream as a Promotion Tool

It is always advantageous for an online publication to have traffic drivers to their stories, so using your social streaming audience and features is a great way persuade journalists to pick up your story. By making even the simplest statement such as;

“With well over 28K followers on my @lisaillman Twitter account, I will be sure to livestream highlights about the story with a direct link to your site.”

This will let them know you will be helping them promote the story and gives you a chance to let them know how savvy your are with today’s modern technology.

These are just a few ways livestreaming can help you win more exposure with the press and media. I’d love to hear if you have also been able to tap social media as a tool to get published. Let me know in the comments below. In the meantime, happy streaming!

Lisa Illman is a business development consultant and social streaming consultant. She loves to help professionals create robust sales pipelines in 90 days or less.


Attract New Clients Like A Powerful Magnet Using These Instagram Tips

Instagram is one of the hottest most popular social media apps on the internet and now it offers livestream. The added features this Facebook owned giant continues to roll out puts it in one of my favorite 2017 social selling picks. Over 100 million users are logging on Instagram daily to post, scroll, tap and chat right from their smart phone. If you are using social streaming for business, check out Instagram if you are not already there now. I believe by 2018, you will be so glad you started to plant some seeds today that will grow into lucrative crops.

Just like all social media platforms, Instagram has unique features that when used correctly, can really broaden your community and attract new customers like a powerful magnet. Here are just a few ways you can get started today with no upfront capital needed.

Just like Twitter and Facebook, hashtags are very popular on Instagram. More importantly, hashtags bring more eyeballs to your posts than if you did not use them. Hashtags bring a lot more views, likes and comments. When using hashtags, consider using between 11-15 and if that isn’t enough, by all means go up to 30 (which is the maximum number of hashtags you can use on Instagram). When using hashtags on Instagram to attract customers and your community like a magnet, consider words that would appeal to your target audience. Since you will be using at least 11 hashtags, you will have plenty of extras to also use for the services you provide. In addition, use this incredible hashtag tool called to find the perfect hashtags. I think you will love it! Lastly, if you want to really be smart about using key hashtags that are attracting the right viewers, check out other businesses and solopreneurs that are already attracting their audience like bees to honey. Take note of the hashtags they are using and model. Play around with different hashtags to see what seems to work best for you.

  • Time of Day

Be aware of the different times of day you post and see what brings in the most viewers. I notice for me, posting early in the morning and again at night (after 7:00PM EST) is a real crowd generator. 3:00PM EST is also a sweet spot in my community. Here is a list of times to post on Instagram (and other social media platforms) that is extremely helpful. But do test these out. Play around with your times and see what is best for you and your community. This information should be used as a starting point.

  • Images

Instagram is very image conscious. Much like Hollywood, it almost demands an appealing look and the obvious way to achieve that is through the images. Instagram provides you with all the necessary features to create jaw-dropping, show-stopping images with its different filters. Every thing from Sepia to black and white and a bunch more in between. You’ll have what you need to post some pretty cool photos. If you are looking to brand and add pizzazz to your photos, check out for all your easy peasy graphic art needs. Posting snaps from your Snapchat account can also be fun, so explore, explore, explore! For businesses wanting to get a more polished or eye catching look with the overall account, profile patterns are a great way to do that.

  • Profile Patterns

One of my favorite ways to make content eye popping on Instagram is to create a pattern with images in the profile area. Check out what I have done using Canva with simple images and one liners. I picked red because I wanted to create a sense of boldness.

To create this pattern, I use 2 red images with a free flow image following. You can create all types of patterns, all types of colors or styles. Play around with it because having a variety of patterns can look really cool too. Each pattern can have its very own unique style that is specific to the message you want to make. I will be doing a checkerboard pattern next. I am thinking that in addition to red images that are alike, I will have black or black and white. Follow me on Instagram so you can see what I pick! Click here to follow me on Instagram!

  • Livestream

It is no secret, I am a huge fan of livestreaming for business. And Instagram is a great platform to be creating live video so your followers can get to know, like and trust you even more than they already do! It will also accelerate the process of know, like, trust for your new followers. One thing to remember, if you go live on Instagram, at this time, your video will not be saved. If you want a video that stays in your news feed, go ahead and create a video from Instagram. Both are wonderful tools to implement to your Instagram social selling strategies.

These tips will get you going on Instagram lickity split. You will not only have folks complimenting your work, you’ll be generated leads, attracting your target buyers and much more. If you would like help gaining more followers on Instagram and support managing your Instagram posts, feel free to contact me directly I’d love to help you!

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5 Sensational Ways Twitter Can Create Your Next New Product

Twitter Polls

Twitter is an incredible social media platform, hosting over 300 million users. The blue bird has many useful features for small business, entrepreneurs, bloggers and inventors to use for sales development and product development. Below are 5 sensational ways Twitter can literally act as a market focus group for your next new innovation. By using Twitter to gauge potential buyer interest and ideas, you are also creating a buzz about your invention before it even happens. Pre-sales development activity will naturally be taking place as your Twitter following visualizes the products and inventions they are bringing to life. Visualizing techniques are a powerful way to get and stay ‘sticky’ with your following. So while you are enjoying the innovation of a product that the buyer is creating for you, you are also building that ‘know, trust, like’ relationship I often refer to in my live stream broadcasts and emails. Let’s have a look at 5 ways you can get your next new product idea from the right people; your potential buyers!


One of my favorite features on Twitter is the survey/poll tool. You can create a poll for your Twitter followers on your iOS or Android by doing these easy peasy steps.

  • Tap the Tweet button (iOS) or tap on What’s happening?
  • Tap the Add poll icon.
  • Type your poll question into the main compose box.
  • Insert your first poll option into the Choice 1 box, and your second poll option into the Choice 2 box.
  • Pin your Twitter poll to your profile.

By creating a poll, you can gauge your audience and find out what their pain points are, where they are having the biggest problems. After you collect responses, get to work on creating a product that provides the solution! Some keys to getting the ‘right’ people to answer your Twitter poll are using hashtags that attract your target buyers. For example, if you are a Live Stream Strategist like me, you might have a poll that asks the question: “Which live stream platform would you like to learn more about?” Your answers can include, Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram etc. Once you have identified which platform your target audience wants to learn more about, you can create an online product to help them learn all the ins and outs of live stream. Don’t be afraid to create a few polls and roll them out in stages. You might want more clarification to help you fine tune your product so by all means, layer in a poll questionnaire strategy over an extended amount of time. If you have current clients, or ideal targets customers you know, consider copying them on the poll tweet so they don’t miss out on providing the essential feedback. Don’t be surprised if folks answer your poll and give you additional information in a follow-up tweet or two. This is great information, so take notes and thank them for their time!


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Use Twitter live stream to inquire what your followers want to help make their lives easier. I started my live stream journey on Periscope, which is owned by Twitter. I was so thrilled when Twitter made it possible to go live from the Twitter profile, so the broadcaster (you) are live on both Twitter and Periscope at the same time. For me, this really opened up my livestreaming audience to be not only bigger, but also more robust. If you are on myemail list that I send a couple times a week with lots of juicy tips and tricks, you know I am always preaching the livestream hustle to entrepreneurs, small businesses, speakers and bloggers. And of course, inventors. Livestream is an effective way to accelerate the know, like, trust factors needed for buyers to invest in you, your services and your products. Using Twtiter live stream will put your face, voice and mannerism right, smack dab in front of your followers. They will be getting to know you while you ask key questions that prove you care what they need. Things to consider when using Twitter live:Practice your broadcast prior to going live.

  • Know what questions you want to ask.
  • Practice, practice, practice what you will say before pressing the go live button.
  • If you ask open ended questions, be sure to have a copy of the video saved so you can review the answers that come through comments.
  • Engage with your audience.
  • Pre-promote your live stream so you have as many folks on live as possible.
  • Do a series of broadcasts for increased feedback.
  • Promote your replay after with an easy way for your replay viewers to answer questions and provide feedback too.


You might be thinking, a video? Isn’t that what live stream is? NO NO NO, it is not. Live stream is live (and taped live) while video is only taped. Video gives you a bit more room to create a polished piece of content since you are not literally ‘live’ in front of your audience. If you make a mistake, you can simply start again until you get your video perfected. In addition, you can keep a video short and sweet because there is no engagement. Use the video option as a way to poll people so they can easily reply with a one letter question. You can offer up multiple choice answers just like in the poll option and have them reply in the tweet to you. I like video with polls because of the know, like, trust factor you are accelerating in video. One approach you can take is to have a video during your 1st round of inquiries, a poll the 2nd week and perhaps a live stream the last round. Just like the Twitter poll, you can pin your Twitter video to your Twitter profile!


One of the most fun and social ways to learn more about your followers needs and how to create a product solution for those needs is by having a Twitter chat. Twitter chats are all about socializing, hashtags and digital partying. If you want to incentivize followers to attend your Twitter chat, offer up some giveaways during the party. Be sure to announce your Twitter chat in advance so folks can plan for the event. Use a specific hashtag for your event which will also draw others into the conversation. For tips on hosting a successful Twitter chat, check out my blog post, ‘How to Host a Successful Twitter Party.’ The key to Twitter chats as a resource for feedback is taking good notes, or having someone take notes for you. Tweets move very fast on Twitter and hosting a party is a full-time job in itself. You’ll want to get a support person who knows the intent of the party so she can be sure to capture all the great information you’ll be getting.


Just like reading comments in Facebook groups is a great idea to find out what is causing people the most problems, you can also scan through tweets on Twitter to read folks are saying about their specific needs. People express themselves on social media, so simply reading what they are experiencing is a very real and organic technique in collecting data. Some tips to finding tweets quick are:

  • Use the search tool for words similar to your industry.
  • Scan tweets of your competitors, industry professionals and influencers.
  • Review customer service tweets from your organization and organizations that offer similar services and products.

Take note of what issues are regularly coming up among people. When a majority of folks are having a similar problem that doesn’t seem to be going away, you could very well have yourself a new problem. Scanning tweets is a flexible alternative because you can stay anonymous, scan at your leisure and read data that wasn’t coerced at all. This is a very real and effective approach to using Twitter as a resource to your next new product idea.

All of these features on Twitter can be used as stand alone practices or with bundled together for a market focus strategy. The best thing is, you do not need much overhead to execute these processes. The money you can save can be used to invent the best product from all the great data you receive.

For more Twitter tips, hop on my email list and receive 2-3 emails a week. Click here to get on the email.


Tips for Improving Your Brand Identity on Social Media

A large number of users communicate online, shop online, work online and they do all of this by means of social media that have become a widely present phenomenon. Therefore, if you own a company, you should consider taking advantage of all the perks of social media in order to improve your brand. There are different approaches to achieving this, and different aspects to be taken into consideration; therefore, we’ve come up with a list of tips you should follow so as to strengthen your brand image.

Visuals of Your Business

When working on your brand identity, you should take the visual side into consideration, that is, the colours of your brand, the font choice, or a theme of your imagery. In order to use all of this effectively, you need to develop and implement a successful visual branding strategy.

  • Colours – Almost any successful company has its colour trademark that makes it memorable. For example, the colour of Coca-Cola is red, and it’s almost always associated with the company. Therefore, you should consider two, or three colours that you will use consistently in your promotions and posts on social media. Prior to making a decision, you should consider what kind of a message each colour sends. In addition, make sure that colours are compatible, for example, pink and red rarely go together.
  • Font – Another aspect that can reflect your brand identity is the font used in your posts, or texts. Again, you can choose two or three that will be used in your materials. You can use different types of font for titles, subtitles and the body of your texts.
  • Imagery – You should have a consistent theme that you’ll use in your marketing images. Remember to make sure it’s appropriate for the type of audience to which it’s supposed to appeal; after all, you’re pitching to your customer base, not to your own tastes.

Choosing a Social Network

In terms of marketing, a business really shouldn’t limit itself to a single platform and there are more than a couple of these. Among the most popular social networking websites are LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. Often regarded as the “Facebook of business”, LinkedIn is commonly used for hiring and establishing business relationships with other companies. Facebook, on the other hand, is suitable for promoting basically everything. It has a large number of users and its world-wide popularity is not something to be taken lightly. You can easily create an account here and start promoting your business. Facebook offers an option of paying for ads, which, seeing as how the number of users is enormous, at the very least, is a significant popularity booster. Another popular social network is Instagram; however, it’s heavily based on images, so it might be more convenient for companies that sell clothes, jewellery or decoration. In addition, Instagram is predominantly used by young adults; therefore, you should decide on the type of audience you want to appeal to.

According to Liquid Creativity,a brand agency from Melbourne breaking with tradition is an excellent way of capturing the audience’s taste, so if you’ve traditionally used Facebook, you can consider some other platform such as Pinterest where you can cover your new product launches, or present your new projects. Finally, Twitter offers a unique opportunity to summarize what your company is about in 140 or fewer characters, something even the laziest of users will read.

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Joining a social network and creating a profile isn’t enough for developing your brand successfully. There is a huge number of businesses competing for customers’ attention, so you need to figure out how to win them over. One of the most important factors that will lead you to success is the content you share on social networks. First of all, you need to create and share content on a regular basis, because your posts can easily be overlooked among dozens of others. Secondly, you have to make sure that the content you create is relevant to your customers’ needs. It has to respond to their questions, or provide solutions to their problems. However, once in a while, you should post content just for their pleasure, for example, a funny video, or an image. This will bring you closer to the users and show that your business has a certain personality. You can engage them even more by inviting them to create their own content concerning your product.

Business competition can be fierce and, in order to succeed in the business world, you have to use every means available to help your company flourish. Social media is a powerful tool and might just be the one you need to triumph.

Emma Miller is a Sydney based writer with a degree in marketing. Interested in digital marketing, social media, start-ups and latest trends. She’s a contributor at Bizzmark blog. Enjoys dramas, camping, geometry art, and jazz.

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