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What Google Can Teach You About YouTube – Guest Post

Google Search Tips and YOuTube

Google search result is one of the popularly used metrics to measure one’s success regarding online presence. If your site ranks high in Google, you have a great chance of getting more visitors. The same principle can be applied to YouTube. Apparently, some principles in YouTube algorithm work quite similar to Google wherein relevance and quality are the two determinants whether your videos will appear in the search results or not.

After all, YouTube is the second largest search engine.

Knowing the ground rules in Google can actually help you understand how YouTube services work. Below are some Google features that can teach you a thing or two about YouTube:

Keyword Optimization

Keywords and tags are essential SEO techniques applied by most marketers to get a good ranking on Google. This serves as markers that will help the searchers to locate your content. In YouTube marketing, keywords and tags are also relevant. They are used to describe your video content and are usually included in optimizing your videos.

However, one important thing that you need to bear in mind is to avoid using the same keywords in Google and YouTube. One keyword might have a high ranking in Google but rank low in YouTube and vice versa. It is imperative to conduct a separate keyword research to ensure high ranking in both search engines.

Linking to Websites

Using links in your page is a well-known tactic used to rank high in Google. If several websites link to your page, you may likely get a good spot in search results. The same thing goes with YouTube. One incredible feature of YouTube services is that whether the links are dofollow or nofollow, they have value.

There are two primary ways to add web links on YouTube. First is from your channel that allows you to create links to other social media accounts and your website. Second is from the inside your video descriptions. Adding links to your videos will help drive traffic to your channel.

Debranding Content

Branded content is another essential aspect of internet marketing, and YouTube services are not one to miss this media landscape. YouTube is by far most marketers favorite marketing platform. This is anchored by the fact that about 88% of the internet users engage more on videos as compared to other forms of marketing campaigns.

With this, a lot of online ads are heavily concentrated in video-sharing platforms such as YouTube. However, because of this popularity, more and more videos are stuffed and crowded with too much branding that they lose their online credibility. This is where debranding techniques come in handy. To address this issue about too much branding, YouTube services now embraces the debranding tactic.

Debranding is a technique used by many websites to regain their credibility in search engine results. In this technique, you control how much of your content will be branded. Debranding is a camouflage technique where the promotional aspect of your content is strategically hidden so as not to affect your content’s quality and relevance. It’s like promoting your brand, channel, or services without being too pushy.

Account Suspension

Just like Google, YouTube also suspends an account that goes against the YouTube services policy. One of the most common causes for account suspension include misleading information, keywords and tags spamming, as well as unauthorized linking to another website which you do not own.

To avoid being suspended, it is recommended to update your channel often and check if new terms are implemented in YouTube. It will also do you good to check for YouTube algorithm updates to make the necessary changes in your video marketing strategies.

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Master The Skills of Facebook Page Management and Be Successful


Master The Skills of Facebook Page Management and Be Successful

Facebook has maintained its status as the most popular social networking site over the years. With millions of active users, Facebook has become the ultimate go-to online social application. It is also one of the biggest influencers that led most businesses to migrate to the virtual reality and set up their Facebook pages to advertise their customers and attract an empire of followers. However, when brands create pages, they need to have ample knowledge on how to keep it going and how to increase Facebook likes. Unless your page is that of a celebrity or a well-respected brand, you need to do all the work yourself to sustain your page such as increase Facebook post likes, video views, etc. Active interaction with the users is the key to a successful Facebook Page Management.

Let’s Get Started!

Here are 5 steps that will guide you on your way to mastering the skill of successfully managing a Facebook Page.

  1. You need to increase Facebook post likes.

For starters, the active users out there won’t know you exist, yet. You can’t just randomly ask strangers to like your page involuntarily. So, the best way to reach them is through your posts. Make your posts creative and highly entertaining to hook potential followers. It’s easy to gain likes nowadays with just one click of a button. Most likely, users who like your Facebook posts will either:

  1. Leave a comment or Facebook reaction
  2. Tag their friends in the comment section
  3. Scroll your page for more similar entertaining posts
  4. Like your page to receive updates on your page regular

So, the best way to do it is by being consistent and interesting in your posts.







  1. You need to generate Facebook Reactions from your followers.

A cool addition to Facebook is their “Reactions.” There used to be just plain “Like” button, but now if you hold the like button long enough, a superimposition of adorable emojis will spring out. The faces include reactions of amusement, shock, admiration, sadness, and anger. This is a practical addition,sss because followers will enjoy having a few options that will be most appropriate for an individual post. This has been proven useful in gaining an engagement or interaction to the follower.





  1. Experiment and be more creative.

As the saying goes, “it is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives; it is the one that is most adaptable to change.” Such is also true in the online world. Successful entrepreneurs are those more open-minded and willing to embrace change since Facebook has given you the template to discover your full potential as an advertiser freely. So, experiment and be wild with your management ideas. You can even turn your Facebook posts into revenues as there are countless of opportunities to Buy Facebook posts, shares, and likes.

  1. Always update your page regularly.

Success does not happen overnight, so you got to use the Facebook post button often. Well, in special cases, though, it could be possible because some posts are becoming viral in just hours. But, that’s not generally true in all aspects. Some pages that have reached that level of success also started from the bottom with zero followers. With hard work and consistent updating of their page, they achieved success and gained trust and relationship with their supporters. You, too, can reach that level of achievement by publishing more and constantly clicking the Facebook post button

  1. Be approachable to your fans.

Emphasize to your followers that you are approachable, and they can reach you easily and readily. Design your page in a way that the contact or mailing lists are easily seen. Facebook provides you with options on what to offer to your fans as they go to your profile. So, for starters, emphasize the “Contact Us” option and provide several links and e-mails or contact numbers. That way, you can increase Facebook post likes, gain interaction with your fans, and build a relationship with them, which is vital in sustaining your Facebook page.

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Mesmerize Your Live Stream Audience With Power Words In Five Easy Steps


Your language can actually change the mood of your audience. This means, when it comes to content marketing using social streaming like Periscope, Snapchat and Facebook Live, your language is a major factor in determining if your viewers will receive your message. Not only will it drive the receptivity of your content, your words will help guide their emotions and the entire tone of your video! This is why power words are such an important piece of live streaming your content marketing. Much like a truckload of goods being carried across country from manufacturer to customer, the truck (the vehicle that carries the content) needs to be a reliable and effective transit source or it will never make it to its final destination. Similarly, your words need to transport your content effectively! Below are five easy steps to help you prepare for your next live stream broadcast in a way that will bring the right audience to you and hold them in a hypnotic state while you spoon-feed them your mouth watering information.

  • Identify your target audience.

Knowing whom you are speaking to and working to attract into your live stream broadcasts is a very important step when considering the language you will be using. Think about the age of your viewers, demographics and any other details that will help you literally visualize their presence. Begin writing out a profile of your target audience. This will help you pick words, phrases and even acronyms that will pour a blanket of emotion over your audience. Once you have jotted down some of the characteristics, you can start to visualize the mood you want to create. What type of vibe will resonate with them? Are you hoping to captivate them with your charm, or perhaps transform them with an emotional personal story? Knowing whom you will be describing your content to is as important (if not more important) as the content itself. Now that you have this step complete, you are ready to move into step 2.

  • Choose 4-7 power words.

You know whom you will be speaking to, you know how you can resonate with these viewers and you know the type of mood you want to set. Now its time to customize your language by literally picking a handful of words ahead of time. Power words are my favorite place to start. There are a host of websites that offer robust terms for you to choose from, including a freebie I created specifically for live stream broadcasts. You can get the power words by clicking on the image below.


Be sure to choose a few that are aligned with the overall tone you want to set. Pick at least three, and up to seven. Once you have your words selected, jot down a few sentences that could easily be used in your broadcast. Start to play around with the language and get used to saying the power words out loud. Imagine you are building a home and the power words are your tools. Work with them a little, practice to make sure they are the tools you want to use. They should fit your sentence structures, make you feel the way you want your viewers to feel and very importantly, you should feel comfortable when you say them. I like to say my sentences in different fluctuations, accentuating words to see how it flows and what tone is most effective. I then get a few statements to the point of them effortlessly flowing from me in a way that is natural yet head turning.

  • Create a show-stopping headline.

Now that you have a feel for the words and how you want to use them, you are ready to write an attention-grabbing headline. Your headline should be eye opening!

People are inundated with digital marketing these days, so your headline should reflect value and intrigue! This is where the power words can really make a difference. If you are struggling with a headline, I suggest going to the HubSpot title generator. Once you have generated a few titles using their tool, transform those titles into seductive headlines with your power words.

  • Write a list for your live stream broadcast

After you have written your remarkable, eye-catching headline jot down your remaining words on a few index cards. You should have at least two, maybe three or even four for your content. Put these index cards somewhere you can see them. I like to tape mine to the side of my iPad or on my bulletin board in front of me but behind the camera. They should be somewhere you can easily see them and refer to throughout your presentation.

  • Sprinkle power words throughout your live stream presentation.

Now you are ready to start sprinkling your power words throughout your language. You can even use the same one a few times for effect. I like to annunciate some of my power words when I am trying to make a point and say the same sentence two times in a row. The more you bring your attention to the way you want your audience to feel, the more effective your power words and your content will be!

You can use this exact same five-step process for a live presentation, for video recordings and even for podcasts. As you start to use power words in your speech regularly, you will notice your writing improves too. This is obviously great for your blog articles and even your emails. Social media and digital marketing can be a double-edged sword in that we have an incredible opportunity to reach millions of people with our content marketing. The flip side is there is a tremendous amount of traffic on the Internet that is in competition with the viewer’s attention. Peppering your content marketing with strategically placed power words will help you stand out and become more effective.

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How Livestream Can Inspire Your Event Attendees

Livestreaming at Business Events

Business Events can be an incredible way to network, learn new processes during workshops, acquire new tools, meet Influencers and gain market knowledge. Every event has its own style with many of the core attributes being very much alike. You will almost always find speakers, workshops or some sort of networking activity (like speed networking) that allows the attendees to get some good value and meet new people. Livestream apps such as Periscope, Facebook, YouTube and even Snapchat can offer some spice to your Event that will enhance your attendees experience.

When your attendees arrive, you can have some 5-10 minute interviews with them using Periscope, YouTube or Facebook. It is great if you have a healthy following on one of these platforms because when you interview your attendees you can give them the opportunity to promote their products and services to your viewers, presumably all new for the attendee! I am doing a similar approach this August as a Sponsor for an upcoming Philadelphia Networking Event. Kim Williams-Hunter is pulling together over 75 small businesses in Philadelphia to attend her annual Spirit of Philadelphia networking cruise.

I will be interviewing a few select Sponsors of this cruise right before we get started with our networking lunch. This is exciting for me because I will introduce my following to some great businesses and help the businesses I am interviewing promote their brand. My objective will be to get a short, but very informative broadcast out prior to the activities starting. My first interview will be with Express Data Systems, a payroll services business that helps organizations throughout the country.


business services


Teresa Kearney will be the representative for the company, so I will be sure to have everyone who watches the broadcast not only follow her on Twitter, but also hashtag# a keyword with their url. The best way to do this is send out a tweet right before we go live and send folks to my Twitter account to have them give it a retweet. @Teresa4Payroll will be copied on this tweet to make it super easy to follow her too!


While we are cruising around the Delaware River here in Philadelphia, I will do a quick tour of the Spirit of Philadelphia.


business networking events


While I am parading around the yacht, I will do some impromptu livestreams from my Facebook Live page. This will be great for the attendees as I can snap some video of everyone having fun, do a few quick introductions and offer up a wonderful view to my broadcast viewers of the Delaware River. The Spirit of Philadelphia will get some great exposure too for their tours.

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In addition to using Periscope and Facebook Live, doing some Twitter livestream (also known as Periscope) will be ideal because I can use specific #keywords, follow the attendees from the event, give them shout outs, and get some retweets from my Twitter following. All of this type of activity is a great social media value add for the businesses on this particular cruise.

In addition to using Periscope and Facebook Live, I will be breaking out my Snapchat too. Snapchat is lots of fun and I intend to take advantage of all the goofy characters this app has to offer! Using the friend double face is a great feature for doing a few snaps with attendees and of course putting their business in the text field of each snap can be a great way to inspire them to tweet out the snaps too!

Social streaming is the platform that just keeps giving and giving. There are endless ways to use livestream at your events to inspire your attendees to get more involved and have fun. Having the video and social media platforms right at your fingertips motivates people to connect on social media right there and then. Make sure you let follow up with folks to share your livestream links after the events. If their interviews went well, they can use the replays for their emails, blog posts and even websites.

Lisa Illman is a business development consultant and livestream strategist. She has been featured in and Entrepreneur Magazine. Lisa is a contributor for CMI (Content Marketing Institute) and Duct Tape Marketing Consulting.

How To Elevate Your Profession With Livestream

live stream for businessNow that you have been livestreaming on Facebook and Periscope, I want to suggest some ways you can elevate your profession with all the hard work you have dished out. For this article to compliment your efforts, you have at least 100 livestream broadcasts so far. Not quite there yet? That’s okay. I think after reading the list of ways livestream can be leveraged in your profession, you might feel inspired to keep going and even double down for a 30 day challenge. If you have yet to hit broadcast, please keep reading. The benefits of livestreaming are incredible.

YES, livestreaming is about getting more eyeballs on your product or service you offer!

Yes, livestreaming is about increasing your brand awareness!

Yes, of course livestreaming is about driving traffic to your blog and website!

But there is more! So so so so much more! You are now tapping into something that will continue to pay you back infinitely and that is leveraging livestream in a variety of ways to elevate you in your profession. Let’s explore three ways your livestream efforts can now add value to your professional character.


No matter what your profession, if you are livestreaming, you can now start be a public speaker at conferences, associations, workshops, online summits and much more. When you take the stage as a speaker, you are naturally positioning yourself as an expert. For example, let’s say you own a hair salon and you have been livestreaming some of your signature haircuts. When your next beauty show conference comes up, you can apply to be a speaker. Livestream is a hot hot hot topic. By speaking to your peers on how they can use livestream to increase traffic to their salons, you will be known as a leader in creative marketing. You will be approached by many and you will naturally collaborate with other Influencers at the conference. Most conferences let speakers attend the conference for free and many will even pay your travel and room. Some will even pay you! What is even more advantageous to your career is you letting your clients know you will be speaking at the big beauty conference. Make a video, put it on your website. People will be very impressed with you leadership activity and this is a huge magnet for new customers. Who knows, maybe speaking to a live audience you will be inspired to start doing workshops in your hometown, or create online products for other beauticians. The opportunities are endless. No matter what your profession, if you are livestreaming, you can elevate your career and business in public speaking. I dig very deep on this topic in my on live livestream and speaking SpeakerStream™ course.

I have been fortunate to land several more speaking opportunities on the topic of livestream. My latest one for the Business Connection Network was done through Zoom. This is a business networking and referral group location in Las Vegas. I was able to be Zoomed in and attend from my home office. Be flexible and creative with your engagement opportunities and they will multiply!

PR / Media

Once you get at least 100 broadcasts under your belt, go to a few magazines and check with the editors to see if they would like a story on livestream. You can suggest to them the topic and even scratch out a paragraph or two in an email. The easier you make it for the writer of the magazine, the more chances you will have of getting picked up and included in the press. My story in was a result of me monetizing my Periscope content marketing. The topic was perfect for the contributor I approached. If you are not sure how to pitch the media, my online DIY kit offers a very easy five step process to getting press in 90 days or less!

Guest Blogger

Another way to elevate your professional career using your livestream work is guest blogging. I approached both Duct Tape Marketing and Content Marketing Institute because these are two blogs aligned with my business goals. Find blogs that have a target audience you’d like to have and see if you can write for them. Writing for other blogs is such a great way to gain credibility in your niche, get more traffic to your blog, create incredible content for authority and get more eyeballs on your own products.

Livestream can be leveraged as stepping stones for your career. Each publication, speaking engagement and recognition you get is just one more opportunity to get more clients, more credibility and gain a stronger voice in your profession. All of these things will strengthen the foundation of your business. Livestream is the opportunity that just keeps giving and giving. Use it creatively!

Lisa Illman loves to help businesses create robust sales pipelines in 90 days or less. Her strategies include sales development with a healthy dose of social media and livestream strategies.

What Not To Do On Social Media – Guest Post

blogging basics

If you want to leverage social media to grow your business, then you need to learn the basics. Many people start using social media without a framework and they make mistakes without realizing it. If your social media presence isn’t growing as fast as you would like, check this list. Learn what not to do on social media and what you should do instead.

1. Not including social share buttons on your blog posts

In today’s fast-paced world, you need to make it easy for readers to share your content. Few people will go out of their way to share your posts. There is simply too much content that is easily shareable. If yours isn’t, the reader will likely move on.

What to do instead: Add at least one set of share buttons to your blog. There are many free plug-ins for WordPress users. If you use Jetpack, there is a sharing module included. Shareaholic and SumoMe Share are also good, free options. Social Warfare is a premium plug-in that allows you to craft the message that gets shared on each network and to include platform-specific images, such as vertical images for Pinterest or horizontal images for Facebook and Google Plus.

2. Only posting promotional content

If you are only promoting your own content, then you will come across as spammy and self-serving. People want to have a connection on social media, not simply be pitched to.

What to do instead: Share useful content from sites other than your own. Engage in conversations. Answer questions. You know, be social.

3. Posting the exact same content to every channel

Each platform has its own style (and character-count requirements). You are missing out if you don’t take advantage of each platform’s individual personality.

What to do instead: Customize your message to each platform. This doesn’t mean you have to write completely different messages. Tweak your main message. On Twitter, you only have 140 characters, so be brief and tantalizing. Instagram and Pinterest both require interesting, beautiful images. Posts on LinkedIn should have a more formal tone that Facebook posts.

4. Posting with the same frequency on every channel

This is the 2nd part of #3. Not only do different channels have different styles, they move at different paces. This impacts how often you should post. If you post with the same frequency on each channel, then your message will get lost on some channels and you will annoy your audience on others.

What to do instead:

  • Twitter and Pinterest are both fast-paced, so you can share a lot of content every day. Start with 5 posts per day and go as high as you feel comfortable.
  • Facebook and Google Plus have lower volume; you should post one to three times a day. Any more than that could annoy your audience.
  • Instagram is also lower-volume. Once or twice a day is a good number of posts.
  • LinkedIn – once a day during the workweek is the most recommended frequency.

5. Spreading yourself too thin

Are you on every social platform from Facebook to Snapchat? Ask yourself if you are being effective on each. Are you getting a return on your time investment? Do you feel burned out? Or, are you neglecting some platforms because you can’t keep up?

What to do instead: Don’t feel like you have to be everywhere. Choose two or three platforms and go all in (if you are brand-new, then start with one). By limiting your number of platforms, you will have more time to craft compelling content, engage with your audience, and keep your sanity.

6. Asking people to follow you back

Asking for follows in posts or saying “I follow back” in your bio smacks of desperation.

What to do instead: Post good content and be participatory. Be interesting, entertaining, informative. You will build your following naturally and this following will be made up of your target audience, as opposed to random people who aren’t engaged with you and your brand.

7. Going crazy with hashtags

You know those tweets #that #have #a #hashtag #for #every #word? Don’t do that. And just because you can use 30 hashtags on Instagram, doesn’t mean you should.

What to do instead: Limit yourself to one to three hashtags on Twitter. The sweet spot on Instagram is about 10 hashtags and many IG’ers suggest putting your hashtags in a comment, rather than the main post. Hashtags don’t work the same on Pinterest as they do on other platforms; you are better off writing a keyword-rich pin description than using hashtags.

The bottom line

Remember that there is another human being on the other side of each social media interaction. Be respectful – to yourself and others – on social media. A good rule of thumb is that if something bugs you on social media, it probably bugs others as well.

Tonia Kendrick is a reformed banker, who now spends her days writing (by the pool, when the weather cooperates). Her latest project – the Solopreneur Diaries – is for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and bloggers who want to thrive in business and in life. You’ll find tips, tutorials, and tools to help you grow your blog, build your business, and design your life.


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