Can Blogging Tank Your Business?

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With all the new shiny distractions rolling out on the internet day after day, more and more professionals seem to be getting lost in the noise while leaving their bread and butter left in the dust to fend for itself. And we know what that can spell. DISASTER! I frequently consult with solo entrepreneurs and the unfortunate common topic is not what you might think. The questions I get asked aren’t, “how can I go deeper with my community and create inspiring content and products that will help them improve their lives?” or “Lisa, can we put together a compelling value proposition that will capture my target audience’s attention and have them tripping over themselves to get more of my informative data.” Nope, these questions have never been asked and I find myself constantly balancing the gentle nudge in this direction while answering the questions they do have. So do you want to know what the questions are that most folks are asking when I talk with them one on one, in Facebook Groups and on my Periscope broadcasts?

The repetitive questions are,

“Should I be on Snapchat?”

“Should I be on Anchor?”

“Did you hear about Buster, that is what I am focusing on this week.”

“What do you think of Facebook Live?”

While these questions are hurled at me in a frenzy of anxious desperation, I quietly think to myself,

“It is not your fault that you are asking the wrong questions.”

Modern technology, gadgets and an insatiable appetite for more information coupled with an addiction to the internet, has you swirling in a chaotic abyss of confusion. I am keenly aware of what is happening. I go struggle with the exact same temptations myself. A complete and total panic sweeps over the everyday online business solo entrepreneur when we see a new app roll out or watch our peers succeeding in a specific area of social media. Businesses and solo entrepreneurs have more options, more information and more Influencers to model now than ever before. These tools can be our biggest assets, but if not analyzed properly, these same tools can become a dragon of fire breathing liabilities.

The Seductive Lure of Blogging is No Different

In my recent article, “The 10 Positive C’s That Can Happen To Your Business From Having a Blog”, I layout all the scrumptious benefits blogging can have for an online business person. You are left with one side of the prosperity coin, and no screaming red flags of danger. Some of you have sent me emails saying how motivated you are to now take the entire weekend to learn WordPress, start your self-hosting blog and get to writing. The day after that post went live and I started getting emails, I went live on Periscope with another very important message about blogging. One question headlined the Periscope broadcast,

“Can Blogging Tank Your Business?”

followed by an hour of exploring why a solo entrepreneur might not want to blog. There are several reasons you might want to consider NOT blogging.

Probably one of the most important questions a soon to be blogger should ask is spelled out simply and brilliantly by one of the Masterminds of blogging, Jon Morrow.

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Jon describes why he started asking this question, how it pertains to YOU and your success as a blogger and action steps to take if you find yourself answering NO to the above question. Click on the image, his article is well worth your read and will save you an incredible amount of time, energy and money as you decide if blogging is good for your business.

Other questions you may want to consider when thinking about starting a blog:

” Does my target audience have a home on the internet?” – while most of us have a target audience on the internet, there are some businesses that do not have enough of an internet target base to justify the time and energy a blog will need.

” Am I willing to learn anything and everything I need to in order to create the type of blog that has the proper systems in place to be successful?”

“Are my products and services available through the internet?” – If you do not have products that you can offer people through the online purchasing, you will need to consider how your blog makes money. Affiliates, sponsors and advertising are all ways to make money with your blog. Be sure you understand this before you get started.

Before you get knee deep into blogging, do your homework. Ask yourself the right questions and be prepared to make changes and adjust your sails. A solid strategy will get you going and give you the clarity to move in an enthusiastic way to build some blogging momentum. My experience with blogging is, you will need the momentum and you will need the enthusiasm to keep your head in the game. It is not a spectator’s sport.

For more information about business development strategies, check out my daily Periscope broadcasts. I blog, broadcast and tweet a bunch of stuff that should help you move your business needle forward!

Lisa loves chai tea lattes and helping entrepreneurs be prosperous through livestream, social media and business development strategies. When she isn’t blogging, streaming, speaking or working with clients, she waits hand and foot on her adorable kitty cat Finnegan.



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