Which livestream app to use, which social media platform to focus on? Snapchat, Facebook, Kanvas, Periscope, BLAB and on and on and on.  So many options and quite frankly soooo many distractions in front of us constantly and at the end of the day, they can be our worst enemy. Don’t get in your own way with all the options. Pick the option that makes sense for you. If you have been following me on my blog, email or social media, you know I am a fan of livestream. I am sure that livestream is an incredible tool that will help you accelerate the trust process with your prospective clients. Not to mention, offer you a community, connections and incredible exposure when used properly. But for a solo entrepreneur, entrepreneur and even a small business, trying to broadcast on all of them regularly, can be a death sentence to your goals. Too much energy scattered and you’ll loose your focus on your goals. This is exactly why I created module 1 of SpeakerStream™ to be about building the end first. Think of who you serve, how you want to serve them and where most of them are.

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The most important question to ask is which platform is my target audience using? My strategy is to focus there. I pick the livestream app and then double up with the app’s best partner. For Periscope that would be Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat could double up with Instagram nicely etc. Then double down. Put all your efforts in a massive, momentum building plan that builds your community, connections and gets you known for your content. This could take 6 months to a year. It just depends if you already had a social media following. Once you build your community on Periscope, perhaps it makes sense for you to work Facebook Live too. Now start your page, using the livestream in your groups (or start groups if you did not already have one) and events. Because Facebook owns Instagram, they make it pretty easy to automate your postings between the two, I am smitten with the filters on Instagram video and love to use those on Twitter and even Facebook. But I didn’t worry about it until I had been on Periscope for over 5 months. Same with Linked In. Add them as you go, building your connections and network but only if it makes sense. I think Snapchat is interesting, and I stay on top of the features there, but it is really not a place my target audience spends much time so it doesn’t make much sense. At the end of the day, these social media platforms are all places for me to build connections and move people to my email list. The email list I own, the social media connections I do not.

We have so many cool and dynamic tools on the internet. The problem is, these assets can quickly become our liabilities. Think about your ideal people. If you do use Facebook, join groups that are filled with potential clients. Perhaps join a Tribe on Periscope. Build, bring value to the community, show consistency. Then rinse and lather up again.


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