PeriscopeMy love affair with Periscope was re-kindled last night. It’s no secret that Twitter has been struggling a little (okay, okay, alot) with their stock, with monetizing their platform and with Periscope. When Twitter acquired the livestream app Periscope, there was increased hope for this social media channel. Periscope grew like wild fire and even slapped the first livestream starlet, Meerkat, to the back seat of livestreaming eventually killing it completely. But as is the world of competitive giants, the largest giant (Facebook) woke up, and woke up fast. Facebook opened it’s eyes to the number of downloads Periscope was generating and went all in on for a piece of the real-time video action.

With Facebook’s livestream tool, Periscope has lost some shine and continues to bring questions of uncertainty to it’s long-term existence in the virtual space of real-time video. One big difference between Facebook and Periscope (there are a few big differences) was the ability to save your livestream broadcast after you went live. On the Periscope app, a broadcaster’s video would save for 24 hours only. Facebook on the other hand saves to a broadcaster’s timeline forever, unless manually deleted (It should be noted that both Periscope and Facebook broadcasts can be saved to a broadcaster’s gadget via your camera roll). Everything changed last night. In a live video, the Periscope team described how the word #save in a broadcaster’s ‘scope’ will now save that video for the broadcaster. The recording saves right to your Periscope roll and can be viewed just like before, only now it will be view-able for as long as you keep it there.


This is really great news for so many reasons. First, as a pioneer on Periscope, I believe it is a huge statement from their camp claiming their right to play and stay in this live, virtual video space. Second, this new feature can really help a blogger out. Below are 5 ways Periscope’s #stay feature can rock-star your blogging initiatives.

Much like this post, as soon as something extraordinary like this hits the press, bloggers have great content. No matter what your niche, you can take this news and package it up for your own blog publications. A few ways you can re-purpose this include but are not limited to, a round-up of Periscope news, how the #save button will improve your Periscope audience (viewers can now see what you are all about via your historical data when they go to your profile), your favorite hashtags on Periscope and much more. You can write something like this that lists out the ways you are relieved Periscope replaced what was offering. The list is endless. Use this news for good blog content. It is newsworthy!

  • Periscope Blog Videos

Now bloggers can copy their Periscope links and include the video right in the blog publication! Brilliant and so easy!

  • Periscope Video Library

With the help of thumbnail photos or WordPress Plugins, you can create a video library right on your blog. Instead of having the video use up space, have a photo of your Periscope broadcast as the thumbnail and a title of your Periscope broadcast underneath. You can call it your Periscope library so folks know they will be directed right to your Periscope account.

  • Influencer Blog Post

You can write about your favorite Influencer and use quotes throughout the post from their recent broadcast. Be sure to keep the content and the quotes positive and relevant to what they do. Use keywords that are parallel to the Influencer’s expertise and link the keywords to their website. Also include the link from their Periscope with a complimentary photo of them. Here is one of my favorite Tribes on Periscope, Perigirls. You can click on the photo of Joanne Pham’s face below to take you to their broadcast. I highly recommend following both Joanne and @Perigirls on Periscope. They are a large Periscope Tribe of women supporting women.


  • Periscope Video Round-Up

You can write a post on a topic and then link Periscope videos to broadcasters that are in the niche you blog about. For example, your blog post can be titled ‘5 Speaking Techniques To Please Your Audience’, and with each point, include a video of someone on Periscope that has a #saved broadcast. Refer them as a speaker who nails this technique on their live streams.

I continued to get asked if livestream and video will replace blogging. I do not see that happening, however I do think the bloggers who don’t embrace livestream and video will eventually struggle. With speculation that internet traffic in 2017 will be 74% video, I think it is high time anyone serious about internet marketing get with the program (Can you hear me LinkedIn?!?!?!).


Lisa Illman is a business development consultant and livestream strategist. She is obsessed with helping entrepreneurs create robust sales pipelines in 90 days or less.

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