skeletonSocial media technology is changing every single day it seems. With all the new apps, new features and the new players coming to the Internet it’s hard to even keep your marketing content up-to-date if you are blogging or live streaming on such topics like social media. This is why it is so important to spruce up your blog posts regularly. This can seem like a daunting task, however, with the new live stream apps available at our fingertips it can actually be easy peazy. I will explain in depth below how you can freshen up the your blog environment in a creative and efficient way.

Add live stream to your content marketing.

I absolutely love livestream. Experts are saying there will be at least 74% video traffic on the Internet by 2017. Live stream cannot be ignored and should not be ignored especially if you are an entrepreneur or a speaker who also offers a book, product or service. Most entrepreneurs and small businesses have blogs today because they understand the reach a blog has with their community and target audience. I often say the only bloggers who need to worry about livestream replacing blogs are the bloggers who do not embrace livestream.

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One of the most powerful ways a blogger can embrace livestream is by incorporating livestream keywords into their blog posts. When you’re going through one of your article articles to spruce it up see where you can start to include keywords like Periscope, Snapchat, Facebook livestream and Kanvas. Make sure your updating any details that would pertain to the blog piece as well. What will make the blog post especially robust and rich in traffic driving marketing content is when you can include words like Periscope, Snapchat and Facebook Live to create long tail keywords.

After you go through your blog article to see where you can add keywords, have a look and see where you can include live stream videos. Perhaps you have some saved in your periscope roll or on your Facebook page or profile. Snapchat might be a little bit more challenging to include the blog post because the videos are short 24 hours lifetime, however you can save them to your camera roll and edit them to make it obvious they are part of your Snapchat collection and add that video to your blog post. Now make sure that that Snapchat video gets linked to your Snapchat account so when people click on it after they watch it they can also be directed right to your Snapchat account.

Use Snapchat to add spice and personality.

Another way to use Snapchat to spruce up your content marketing in your blogs is to add some sexy Snapchat pictures that you create. I love all the different characters that Snapchat offers and as you can see the thumbnail for this post is one of them I made prior to writing this blog article. The picture itself actually gave me the idea for this blog post! Save your Snapchat photos to your camera roll when you make your snaps.




Now when you go to freshen up your blog post with a few of your Snapchat photos you can also link them back to your Snapchat account. A great way to add personality and show you are on ‘know’ when it comes to livestream and some of the most popular apps.

Add Quotes

When you repurpose your marketing content on your blog, identify different places that would be an excellent opportunity for you to include an Influencer’s quote. You can simply add their quote from an article that they wrote on their blog and link it to them or you can actually add a visual that you create from Canva. Incorporating Influencer quotes is a great way to add credibility to your marketing content plus some juicy links to their content marketing.  As you’re reading different publications that are relevant topical newsworthy and up-to-date, watch for key quotes that would fit into your blog. Once you get into the habit of being aware you’ll naturally see opportunities and grab them as they come out. Cut and paste the quote you want for future re-purposing right from the article itself and keep it on a Google document or on a notes page on your iOS.  Now when it’s time to write the article you’ll have a list of quotes that you can pull from making it super easy and fast to update the blog. Be sure you grab the URL so you can link the quote to their blog. I also like to include their Twitter handle with a link to their Twitter account as an extra bonus for them. Some of my favorite publications I read regularly are,, Social Media Examiner, Content Marketing Institute and Duct Tape Marketing. The publications that you read regularly should be applicable to your niche and your blog. Using quotes from publications you already read makes this re-purposing process super efficient.

Everything is moving so fast in today’s world and it is important that you keep your blogs and content marketing up-to-date too. Knowledge is a never-ending process and can become very time-consuming. Capitalize on the time and energy you spend investing in education by bringing up to date quotes into your content. Include livestream to your traditional blog publications any chance you get. Leveraging personal development and bringing the newest social media technologies into your publications you can invest in your personal development, freshen up your blog, continue to drive the right traffic to your door and share newsworthy information to your target audience. Happy publishing!

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