AuctionScopeYou know how much I love Periscope and live-streaming in general. There is tremendous power in this new tool we have been given and I encourage any solopreneur, entrepreneur and small business to investigate for their business development efforts. I have experienced a tremendous amount of success and value from Periscope alone and I am excited to tell you about my newest initiative, AuctionScope.

Auctions on Periscope are not common, however they are not new either. Several folks have been hosting auctions live, right on Periscope and incorporating EBay too.  The concept of a ‘group’ auction, however is new. I am so excited to kick off the first one this Saturday evening at 7:30 PM EDT. Myself and two amazing, talented and extremely creative artists will be auctioning off a product (or more) via EBay while we broadcast for 15 minutes about our business and our work. We will be answering any questions viewers have as we live-stream.

AuctionScope is a great way for viewers to get introduced to the individual behind the auction. Unlike only using EBay, bidders get so much more than just a description of the product. Coupling EBay and Periscope really provides the viewer a ‘get to know you’ opportunity. Who doesn’t love to learn and meet the person behind the work? It is such a nice touch and can provide and insight into the work itself. Not to mention the viewer can ask the broadcaster questions right then and there! And have them answered right away.

The viewers and bidders not only benefit from AuctionScope, the broadcasters benefit tremendously as well. The broadcaster gets to tell his ‘story’ during the Periscope and offer insight into how the service or product was created. By doing an AuctionScope as a group, the scoper gets the additional audience of the other folks in the line up. New eyeballs on their products! Plus it is always great to have support during a broadcast, so having others in the line up provides that additional motivation and encouragement during the auction.

To attend this weekend’s AuctionScope simply follow me, Gail Piazza and Simone Bailey Campbel  at the above listed handles. I will be kicking things off at 7:30PM EDT and will give some background on myself plus the business development product I will have listed on EBay. Next Gail will go (at 7:45PM EDT and Simone will close at 8:00PM)  For more information about these talented and one of a kind artists, click on the image below! See you Saturday.



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