If you have known me for a little while, you know I started on social media (like really started) about seven years ago with the launch of my kitty cat product, the Kritter Kondo. I started on Twitter and grew into several other platforms from there. Since then, I continue to be beyond curious about social media and am especially impressed with livestream right now. Livestream is an incredibly powerful tool that I believe is bringing all types of professionals and people together. Because of my love for animals and my involvement with the pet community, it is no wonder I bumped into the Pet Lovers Tribe on Periscope. This is one group that is not only creating a pet loving family that livestreams, this group is embracing several social media platforms and bringing wags and purrs right along with them!

The mastermind behind Pet Lovers Tribe is Therese Kopiwoda, an animal loving kind heart who founded the tribe and keeps the community growing. Although #PetLoversTribe is just a year old with Periscope, Therese is not new to social media or the pet industry. Prior to Pet Lovers Tribe, Therese ran her own pet sitting business and continued in the pet industry with through web design and social media consulting. Her company, Social Media Hound specializes in WordPress and Therese’s experience with Periscope gives her a leg up with livestream consulting. When Therese isn’t broadcasting with her Periscope pet family, she can be found hanging with her best bud Jed who makes regular appearances on her broadcasts.


This is the exact fabric combination that the wonderful pet tapestry of the #PetLoversTribe is made. Animal loving people who are talented and are embracing the social media platforms as a way to carry their individual messages and content to the pet community. Although Pet Lovers Tribe started with a heavy focus on Periscope, they use several other social media platforms like a Facebook group and Twitter. In the Facebook group, #PetLoversTribe coordinates a daily pass the cast line up of broadcasts. This is a fun way for the pet lovers to support each other while ‘scoping’ assigned topics that the group picks to discuss. Complimenting this community is Periscope’s network all about pets called The Pet Scope TV. This lineup of shows provides incredible content on topics like photography, social media and much much more; all focused on the pet industry!

TPSTV flyer

In addition to the heavy presence on Periscope and Facebook Live, individuals from #PetLoversTribe can be found tweeting it up on Twitter. In fact on April 19th I will be moderating a Twitter Chat featuring the gang who keeps the kittens and pups in line over there! This is going to be a fantastic event with experience in social media, entrepreneurship, livestreaming, fundraising and much more!


#ThePetLoversTribe is growing, growing, growing and it will be interesting to see where the land next! I hope you can make it to the Twitter Chat, and until then, catch Therese on Periscope @Kopiwoda and #PetLoversTribe for all the pet livestreaming events and news updates!

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