How I Gained 1,000 Twitter Followers My First Month Blogging – Guest Post

How to get Twitter Followers

Twitter can sometimes have slow growth rate attached to it. Getting people to realize you and want to actually follow you is tricky. Through my time as being a social media manager, I have had to try tons of different methods for gaining followers for other people. And besides just gaining numbers, I wanted all of the new followers to be authentic, engaged, and real. 

How is this done? Well, when I started my own blog, I realized that I needed to find a method that worked. And by doing this, I have now gained 1,000 loyal Twitter followers in my first month of blogging! Find out how I did it and how you can grow your own fan base on Twitter for your blog.

Waiting for new followers to find you and click that “Follow” button is going to be a long, painstaking process. Sure, some of your blog readers may click through your social icons and find your Twitter page by themselves. But frankly, a lot of them won’t. Because of this, you need to be actively seeking out people that would want to follow you, and engage with them first. Initiate communication with them. There’s one tool in particular that I love for making this process. The app that is going to be essential in growing your Twitter audience is called Crowdfire. It is a godsend. And I promise, this post isn’t sponsored in any way, I just want the world to know how awesome Crowdfire is.

I used Crowdfire so many times in managing social media channels for my own clients, and the results are pretty amazing. Crowdfire has a few different functions, all of which will help you connect with potential followers and dramatically increase your follower count.


My absolute favorite feature of Crowdfire is the option to Copy Follow similar accounts to your own. This is pretty genius on Crowdfire’s part. The motive behind Copy Following is to find a similar account to your own personal one, and to follow people who already follow that similar account. The hope in doing this is that people that are in your target market will see that you are providing similar content to the person that they already follow, and will want to follow you, too. A great way to find an account to Copy Follow is to think of leaders in your niche. Who do you look up to? Who provides content that is similar or goes hand-in-hand with your own? This is probably a good person to Copy Follow.

Tip: Make sure the account that you Copy Follow from is an active and popular account. Don’t choose someone who hasn’t tweeted in 4 months…the followers of that account are not engaged anymore and probably won’t respond well.

Another tip: Crowdfire has a feature called “Inactive Following” that will bring up a list of people you follow who haven’t logged onto Twitter for a long time, and you can unfollow them from there. This is another helpful tool in making sure your followers are engaged and active in the Twittersphere.


This is another great feature of Crowdfire, that allows you to find people based on keywords that they use and tweet about.

To use this feature, think of some keywords or phrases that your target market would be using. For me, these words may be things like “girlboss”, “solopreneur”, etc. Then, type this keyword into Crowdfire, and you will be presented with a long list of Twitter accounts that are either tweeting about this keyword or have this keyword in their bio. You can then follow these people in Crowdfire and watch a good amount of them start following you back.


So let’s say that you use Copy Follow and Keyword Follow, and gain a ton of new followers. However, you are going to need to clean up who you follow somehow. This is where Crowdfire’s Non Followers function comes in. After I follow lots of people, it’s natural that only about 50-60% of them will end up following me back. Because of this, I will be following lots of people who decided not to follow me back, for whatever reason. No hard feelings!

Crowdfire’s “Non Followers” feature allows you to pull up a list of all of the people not following you back, and gives you the option to unfollow them. This list makes it SO easy to clean up who you are following, which will help keep your Twitter ratio of Followers to Following balanced. You want to be following people who love and support your content!

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