Livestreaming at Business Events

Business Events can be an incredible way to network, learn new processes during workshops, acquire new tools, meet Influencers and gain market knowledge. Every event has its own style with many of the core attributes being very much alike. You will almost always find speakers, workshops or some sort of networking activity (like speed networking) that allows the attendees to get some good value and meet new people. Livestream apps such as Periscope, Facebook, YouTube and even Snapchat can offer some spice to your Event that will enhance your attendees experience.

When your attendees arrive, you can have some 5-10 minute interviews with them using Periscope, YouTube or Facebook. It is great if you have a healthy following on one of these platforms because when you interview your attendees you can give them the opportunity to promote their products and services to your viewers, presumably all new for the attendee! I am doing a similar approach this August as a Sponsor for an upcoming Philadelphia Networking Event. Kim Williams-Hunter is pulling together over 75 small businesses in Philadelphia to attend her annual Spirit of Philadelphia networking cruise.

I will be interviewing a few select Sponsors of this cruise right before we get started with our networking lunch. This is exciting for me because I will introduce my following to some great businesses and help the businesses I am interviewing promote their brand. My objective will be to get a short, but very informative broadcast out prior to the activities starting. My first interview will be with Express Data Systems, a payroll services business that helps organizations throughout the country.


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Teresa Kearney will be the representative for the company, so I will be sure to have everyone who watches the broadcast not only follow her on Twitter, but also hashtag# a keyword with their url. The best way to do this is send out a tweet right before we go live and send folks to my Twitter account to have them give it a retweet. @Teresa4Payroll will be copied on this tweet to make it super easy to follow her too!


While we are cruising around the Delaware River here in Philadelphia, I will do a quick tour of the Spirit of Philadelphia.


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While I am parading around the yacht, I will do some impromptu livestreams from my Facebook Live page. This will be great for the attendees as I can snap some video of everyone having fun, do a few quick introductions and offer up a wonderful view to my broadcast viewers of the Delaware River. The Spirit of Philadelphia will get some great exposure too for their tours.

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In addition to using Periscope and Facebook Live, doing some Twitter livestream (also known as Periscope) will be ideal because I can use specific #keywords, follow the attendees from the event, give them shout outs, and get some retweets from my Twitter following. All of this type of activity is a great social media value add for the businesses on this particular cruise.

In addition to using Periscope and Facebook Live, I will be breaking out my Snapchat too. Snapchat is lots of fun and I intend to take advantage of all the goofy characters this app has to offer! Using the friend double face is a great feature for doing a few snaps with attendees and of course putting their business in the text field of each snap can be a great way to inspire them to tweet out the snaps too!

Social streaming is the platform that just keeps giving and giving. There are endless ways to use livestream at your events to inspire your attendees to get more involved and have fun. Having the video and social media platforms right at your fingertips motivates people to connect on social media right there and then. Make sure you let follow up with folks to share your livestream links after the events. If their interviews went well, they can use the replays for their emails, blog posts and even websites.

Lisa Illman is a business development consultant and livestream strategist. She has been featured in and Entrepreneur Magazine. Lisa is a contributor for CMI (Content Marketing Institute) and Duct Tape Marketing Consulting.

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