fear of public speaking

Public speaking is a powerful activity that can be used in so many positive ways to help your lively hood. Giving presentations is something that is under utilized and over looked among most professionals. Speaking is one of the best ways to stand out among peers and competitors.  Why? Because it is the top fear among people and yet the number one way to get in front of potential clients! As a professional, you have a unique opportunity to leverage the stage and live stream in order to share your message. Since you will be one of the few in your industry to do so, you will really differentiate yourself in a leading way. Below are six reasons you should start your speaking career now, or take your speaking to the next level.


By speaking in your niche market or on any particular topic you love, you will be gaining tremendous recognition and immediately have an audience to provide quality content. Through speaking, you will become recognized as an expert. Through speaking on a topic you can become an expert on that topic, and by speaking to a nice market, you can become recognized as a leader in the field. Recognition goes a long way and when your name is associated with experience, clients come to you without you having to pursue your clients.


There is monumental value in the type of people you meet when you are a speaker. At the various conferences you speak, the associations you join as a speaker and the clients you bring on. The value of networking as a speaker is incredible. Even attending or speaking at local Meetups and workshops carries incredible opportunities right in your own backyard. Word of mouth is still the number one way to pass along great leads, contacts and of course testimonials and the speaker circuit will provide that and more.


There are many ways public speaking and live stream (such as Periscope) can generate business and money for you. If you are in sales, marketing or product development, you want to be able to get up in front of customers and your peers to provide product and company presentations. Providing the presentations will really set you apart from your peers. This is very handy come review time and will be very valuable for negotiating a raise. Remember, most people are going to shy away from the opportunity; but not you. You can see it for what it is, and even become a great presenter, which can help you get promoted. If you want to be a professional speaker and get paid for your time, you can eventually become a keynote speaker. As you get better at the craft and get your name out there, you can actually get paid to speak. If you are using Periscope, there are several ways to monetize your efforts using the app. And if you are speaking at conferences to an audience, you can land some clients right then and there! The opportunities are endless when it comes to public speaking!

Speaking to a live audience is no doubt such a valuable skill. With Periscope and some of the other live stream apps that are surfacing, we really have a unique opportunity to hone our craft and create ways to capitalize on this very incredible gift! If you have a fear of public speaking, you are not alone. I encourage you to check out your local Toastmaster’s group to begin practicing in a comfortable setting. There is too much upside to being a public speaker. Don’t let fear of public speaking stand in the way of you and greatness!

fear of public speaking

Lisa Illman is the creator of SpeakerStream™, an online training course that teaches professionals how to leverage their speaking on stage and livestream to drive business and brand awareness.

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