live stream for businessNow that you have been livestreaming on Facebook and Periscope, I want to suggest some ways you can elevate your profession with all the hard work you have dished out. For this article to compliment your efforts, you have at least 100 livestream broadcasts so far. Not quite there yet? That’s okay. I think after reading the list of ways livestream can be leveraged in your profession, you might feel inspired to keep going and even double down for a 30 day challenge. If you have yet to hit broadcast, please keep reading. The benefits of livestreaming are incredible.

YES, livestreaming is about getting more eyeballs on your product or service you offer!

Yes, livestreaming is about increasing your brand awareness!

Yes, of course livestreaming is about driving traffic to your blog and website!

But there is more! So so so so much more! You are now tapping into something that will continue to pay you back infinitely and that is leveraging livestream in a variety of ways to elevate you in your profession. Let’s explore three ways your livestream efforts can now add value to your professional character.


No matter what your profession, if you are livestreaming, you can now start be a public speaker at conferences, associations, workshops, online summits and much more. When you take the stage as a speaker, you are naturally positioning yourself as an expert. For example, let’s say you own a hair salon and you have been livestreaming some of your signature haircuts. When your next beauty show conference comes up, you can apply to be a speaker. Livestream is a hot hot hot topic. By speaking to your peers on how they can use livestream to increase traffic to their salons, you will be known as a leader in creative marketing. You will be approached by many and you will naturally collaborate with other Influencers at the conference. Most conferences let speakers attend the conference for free and many will even pay your travel and room. Some will even pay you! What is even more advantageous to your career is you letting your clients know you will be speaking at the big beauty conference. Make a video, put it on your website. People will be very impressed with you leadership activity and this is a huge magnet for new customers. Who knows, maybe speaking to a live audience you will be inspired to start doing workshops in your hometown, or create online products for other beauticians. The opportunities are endless. No matter what your profession, if you are livestreaming, you can elevate your career and business in public speaking. I dig very deep on this topic in my on live livestream and speaking SpeakerStreamâ„¢ course.

I have been fortunate to land several more speaking opportunities on the topic of livestream. My latest one for the Business Connection Network was done through Zoom. This is a business networking and referral group location in Las Vegas. I was able to be Zoomed in and attend from my home office. Be flexible and creative with your engagement opportunities and they will multiply!

PR / Media

Once you get at least 100 broadcasts under your belt, go to a few magazines and check with the editors to see if they would like a story on livestream. You can suggest to them the topic and even scratch out a paragraph or two in an email. The easier you make it for the writer of the magazine, the more chances you will have of getting picked up and included in the press. My story in was a result of me monetizing my Periscope content marketing. The topic was perfect for the contributor I approached. If you are not sure how to pitch the media, my online DIY kit offers a very easy five step process to getting press in 90 days or less!

Guest Blogger

Another way to elevate your professional career using your livestream work is guest blogging. I approached both Duct Tape Marketing and Content Marketing Institute because these are two blogs aligned with my business goals. Find blogs that have a target audience you’d like to have and see if you can write for them. Writing for other blogs is such a great way to gain credibility in your niche, get more traffic to your blog, create incredible content for authority and get more eyeballs on your own products.

Livestream can be leveraged as stepping stones for your career. Each publication, speaking engagement and recognition you get is just one more opportunity to get more clients, more credibility and gain a stronger voice in your profession. All of these things will strengthen the foundation of your business. Livestream is the opportunity that just keeps giving and giving. Use it creatively!

Lisa Illman loves to help businesses create robust sales pipelines in 90 days or less. Her strategies include sales development with a healthy dose of social media and livestream strategies.

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