Struggling with an extremely limited budget is something that most small businesses have in common. When small business owners pay off their suppliers, workers and overhead costs, there’s almost nothing left for marketing campaigns. The good news is that business promotion doesn’t depend so much on finances anymore, at least not in the online environment. As a matter of fact, modern business owners can achieve a lot through online channels with no or little investment.

Set the campaign objectives

Running a scattered marketing campaign without previously setting a clear focus is a waste of already scarce resources. So, before you write a single promotional post in the social media, think about the following points:

  • Determine your greatest advantages and values. Stress them out in every situation.
  • Recognize your weak spots. They shouldn’t be in the spotlight, but don’t let them stop you. Work on their improvement.
  • Decide who you’re talking to. Too wide an approach to your audience will end in the gutter.
  • Let your employees be your promoters.

Once you’ve created a framework that reflects your business ideas, it’s easier to make your future steps.

Inspire your customers

You don’t need to be a millionaire to be able to afford a smartphone. This little gadget can have jaw-dropping effects on your visual promotion.

First and foremost, you can always use it to make original videos about your business. You could start by shooting your employees saying something clever, like your tagline. After that, move on to show your customers what a typical work day looks like in your office.

Finally, let them see the production process. This refers both to service providers and product manufacturers. When you start off with such a transparent approach to your customers, you will have a closer connection with your customers. Also, upload those videos to your YouTube channel, so as to attract new subscribers and potential customers.

As for the quality of the videos and the tricks of the trade, you’ll need reliable but free tools. So, check out a recent post by Tech Radar and try different solutions.

Let the words speak for you

Apart from your original video materials, it’s crucial that your marketing campaign contains interesting written pieces, created by well-versed content writers and copywriters. Now, here we have a contradiction. If you’re struggling to make ends meet, how can you afford such authors? Again, the answer lies behind a single mouse click. You should visit freelancing websites, such as People Per Hour, Guru or Upwork and do some research related to the offers of their registered writers. There you can find experienced writers at affordable rates.

Also, don’t hesitate to do some writing work on your own. After all, it’s you who stands behind the entire project, so shape your ideas into written form. When doing this, you might need some additional help, so read some useful tips for effective copywriting, published on

Embrace infographics

Two main pillars of digital promotion are textual and visual content features. Over the last few years, it’s become clear that the online audience reacts positively to combinations of words, stats and images – i.e. infographics. Since the following trends should be an important part of your business philosophy, embrace these solutions and use their power. For instance, enrich the posts that you publish on your website and blog with infographics. Moreover, publish them on your social media pages. In addition, you should know that the most valuable illustrations will be the ones you create on your own. No matter if you’re making a compilation of facts from your niche or presenting your own business results, it’s an amusing and resourceful technique to grasp your customers’ attention.

Use brand-promoting items

As you keep generating new leads and gaining new customers, you have to implement some more practical strategies for popularizing your business. And there’s nothing as traditional, yet innovative, as giving away different promotional items. Since everybody can make good use of clothes, you can start with T-shirts and hats. For instance, you can organize a contest and reward the users who answer your questions correctly. Additionally, they can be given thank-you presents after they had made a purchase.

On the other hand, experienced people from Amazing Wristbands suggest that you take an innovative approach and give away craftily made branded bracelets. As for other modern options, you can go with USB memory sticks with your logo printed on them or even power banks with the same emblem.

A small budget is not an obstacle. It’s only an excuse for people who are afraid to try something different. The only thing you need to start a marketing campaign is a clear vision and the Internet. If you have the former, our suggestions will help you make great use of the latter for inexpensive but impactful business promotion.

Contribution by Alex Williams

Alex Williams was born and raised in beautiful Sydney. She is a journalism graduate, and a rookie blogger trying to find her luck. Blogs are the perfect opportunity for presenting to wider a audience, getting the chance to showcase her expertise and receiving recognition. Alex is a regular contributor at BizzMark Blog.




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