duckperiInnovation, collaboration, thought leaders, inspiration, ShareAthon™, the Tedx of Periscope, supporters, networkers and leaders. These are all words used regularly to describe the rapidly growing group on Periscope, the Peri10K. On any day starting at 4:00PM EST, a group of 4-10 people share for ten minutes on an appointed topic. This is the strongest and most unique approach to a ‘pass the cast’ that Periscope has ever seen. Not only are the topics new each day, the members have created, voted and selected the topics themselves.

The founder of Peri10K, Katya Varbanova, has been quoted as frequently saying “we collaborate, we do not compete.” Katya’s vision for Peri10K is to become the Tedx of Periscope, with the members being the very speakers who represent important inspiring messages. I will say, she is very close to that goal already! When asked if 10K stands for hearts (those cute applause symbols viewers can generate by tapping on their screen) Katya responds, “NO, we do not compete for hearts. The 10K is a goal that each member will have 10,000+ followers.” Unlike other Tribes that support active Periscope peeps, Peri10K is quite different in a number of ways. The ShareAthon™ is unique to anything else on Periscope. In addition, Peri10K hosts BLABS monthly as well as meet-ups and they even have an internal accountability group for members.  To find out more about how to join Peri10K, go to Don’t be discouraged if you cannot submit an application, the elves might be working hard for the holidays.


Stop by my Periscope tomorrow at 4:00PM EST @lisaillman, when I will be kicking off our ShareAthon. The theme will be

“How to Turn Problems into Solutions.”

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