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Hey, there busy business entrepreneurs. Let’s talk about Instagram and how I was able to gain a large amount, over 200, new followers in one week. I stepped up my Instagram game this past week. As a busy mom, entrepreneur and perpetual student sometimes I let certain aspects of my business fall aside. My focus the past few weeks has been my Instagram account and how I can seek engaging and valid followers who are genuinely interested in what I offer. Here is what I did to get 200 NEW followers in ONE WEEK!

~I cleaned up my entire Instagram page feed. I went way back to the beginning of my feed and deleted some of my older pictures and posts that may not have been in line with what my brand is today. I made sure that it was cohesive, on brand and not overwhelming. Make sure you do not have too many personal images posted unless they are part of your brand and business.

~I jazzed up my Instagram profile. I made sure that my link and description were both updated. I also made sure that my profile picture was a grabber and instantly represented my brand.That is very important, do not put a picture of you with your boyfriend or puppy unless that is what your business is about. No bathing suit shots or awkward selfies.

~I spent a lot of time, connecting with similar brands and those who were related to my ideal customer. Search individual hashtags and see what comes up. Like certain accounts to form a relationship.

~I made sure to comment and like on the main pages related to my brand. Leave authentic comments about their post and tag them in the comment.

~I also participated in a LOOP giveaway. With eight other lady bosses, we ran a giveaway for five days on Instagram. To enter you had to follow everyone in the loop, like, comment and tag two friends. Great exposure and a lot of fun. This was the biggest avenue for new followers this week.

~I made sure to use #hashtags in my posts, the best way is actually to hashtag is in your comment section NOT on the post itself, which I recently discovered! Use eleven hashtags in your post and then you can comment with more hashtags if needed. Make sure to research your hashtags first so you can avoid any unwanted hashtag links.

~I started using to cross-post on ALL my social media. An amazing website that links all of your social media platforms and then posts for you. I start all of my IFTTT recipes with Instagram, so every single social media post direct the viewer back to my Instagram post! I linked to FB personal and biz pages, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and linkedIn. Saves me an insane amount of time which is PRICELESS!

There you have it, my easy steps to increase your Instagram following in ONE WEEK! Let’s get to work sprucing up your account today. Implement these easy tips and see what happens. Focus on one avenue of your social media at a time for ultimate success. Start with your Instagram today to get it where you want it to be.

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So are YOU ready to get 200 new followers this week?? Let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear back from you.

XO~ Vanessa

As a Certified Life and Success Coach, Female Entrepreneur, Ministry Leader, Dance Choreographer, Manager, and Stylist, I work with women daily to be the BEST they can be through encouragement, accountability, praise, fashion and personal style, goal setting, and support. It is my passion to inspire women and to help them to achieve greatness in their life and workplace. I can help bring the vision for your life and business ALIVE again! Not only can it be alive again, but it can become FABULOUSLY ALIVE! Vanessa Kromer


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