Speaker engagements can be a great way to increase brand visibility, gain new clients and network with key decision makers. Professionals can speak at a number of venues including but not limited to workshops, seminars and conferences. Preparing for your speaking engagement is key to realizing the best return on investment possible. Below are ways to put a strategy around your speaking engagement so you take full advantage of your time, energy and resources.

  • Schedule Appointments Prior to Your Event with Key Contacts and Prospects

Making arrangements to meet face to face while you are at a conference can make great use of your time. If there are decision makers and prospective or current clients you want to meet with, reach out to them prior and arrange to have lunch or coffee. Let them know you will be speaking for credibility (especially if they do not know you) and be sure to invite them to your presentation! Seeing you speak live is such a great way to accelerate trust and show your expertise in your field.

  • Alert the Press You Will be in Town Speaking

Contact the press ahead of time including newspapers, radio station and local T.V. producers. Let them know you are coming to town and find out if they want to do an interview with you while you are in their area. Many times they will welcome the opportunity to have you on their radio station or podcast, so do not be shy!

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  • Let the Conference Know You Are Available for Other Topics

Once you get your speaker gig, be sure to let them organizer know that you are also available for other topics should they have any cancellations. I have been fortunate to speak on a few topics at one conference because I planted the seed that I am available should they need additional support. Not only does this go a long way with the planner as a great gesture, you really might get extra time on stage or at the podium for this small act! The more exposure you get, the more clients you could potentially win.

  • Survey the Audience Prior to the Presentation

Taking a poll and asking your registered attendees key questions can help you dig deeper into what exactly they want to hear and where they need assistance. Your presentation can be customized to meet their specific needs if you know them in advance. Surveying people ahead of time is not always possible, but if you are speaking for a group at a Corporation, you can almost always get a list of people who will be there. Workshops are also a venue that has people registering prior that can be surveyed, as well as your own seminars that you host using Eventbrite for people to sign up. Survey Monkey is a great tool to send out to attendees to gather information.

Preparing ahead of time for your speaker engagement can literally double the return of your investment of time, money and energy. Plan ahead and take advantage of being among so many of your potential clients. The extra effort will be well spent!

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