Your language can actually change the mood of your audience. This means, when it comes to content marketing using social streaming like Periscope, Snapchat and Facebook Live, your language is a major factor in determining if your viewers will receive your message. Not only will it drive the receptivity of your content, your words will help guide their emotions and the entire tone of your video! This is why power words are such an important piece of live streaming your content marketing. Much like a truckload of goods being carried across country from manufacturer to customer, the truck (the vehicle that carries the content) needs to be a reliable and effective transit source or it will never make it to its final destination. Similarly, your words need to transport your content effectively! Below are five easy steps to help you prepare for your next live stream broadcast in a way that will bring the right audience to you and hold them in a hypnotic state while you spoon-feed them your mouth watering information.

  • Identify your target audience.

Knowing whom you are speaking to and working to attract into your live stream broadcasts is a very important step when considering the language you will be using. Think about the age of your viewers, demographics and any other details that will help you literally visualize their presence. Begin writing out a profile of your target audience. This will help you pick words, phrases and even acronyms that will pour a blanket of emotion over your audience. Once you have jotted down some of the characteristics, you can start to visualize the mood you want to create. What type of vibe will resonate with them? Are you hoping to captivate them with your charm, or perhaps transform them with an emotional personal story? Knowing whom you will be describing your content to is as important (if not more important) as the content itself. Now that you have this step complete, you are ready to move into step 2.

  • Choose 4-7 power words.

You know whom you will be speaking to, you know how you can resonate with these viewers and you know the type of mood you want to set. Now its time to customize your language by literally picking a handful of words ahead of time. Power words are my favorite place to start. There are a host of websites that offer robust terms for you to choose from, including a freebie I created specifically for live stream broadcasts. You can get the power words by clicking on the image below.


Be sure to choose a few that are aligned with the overall tone you want to set. Pick at least three, and up to seven. Once you have your words selected, jot down a few sentences that could easily be used in your broadcast. Start to play around with the language and get used to saying the power words out loud. Imagine you are building a home and the power words are your tools. Work with them a little, practice to make sure they are the tools you want to use. They should fit your sentence structures, make you feel the way you want your viewers to feel and very importantly, you should feel comfortable when you say them. I like to say my sentences in different fluctuations, accentuating words to see how it flows and what tone is most effective. I then get a few statements to the point of them effortlessly flowing from me in a way that is natural yet head turning.

  • Create a show-stopping headline.

Now that you have a feel for the words and how you want to use them, you are ready to write an attention-grabbing headline. Your headline should be eye opening!

People are inundated with digital marketing these days, so your headline should reflect value and intrigue! This is where the power words can really make a difference. If you are struggling with a headline, I suggest going to the HubSpot title generator. Once you have generated a few titles using their tool, transform those titles into seductive headlines with your power words.

  • Write a list for your live stream broadcast

After you have written your remarkable, eye-catching headline jot down your remaining words on a few index cards. You should have at least two, maybe three or even four for your content. Put these index cards somewhere you can see them. I like to tape mine to the side of my iPad or on my bulletin board in front of me but behind the camera. They should be somewhere you can easily see them and refer to throughout your presentation.

  • Sprinkle power words throughout your live stream presentation.

Now you are ready to start sprinkling your power words throughout your language. You can even use the same one a few times for effect. I like to annunciate some of my power words when I am trying to make a point and say the same sentence two times in a row. The more you bring your attention to the way you want your audience to feel, the more effective your power words and your content will be!

You can use this exact same five-step process for a live presentation, for video recordings and even for podcasts. As you start to use power words in your speech regularly, you will notice your writing improves too. This is obviously great for your blog articles and even your emails. Social media and digital marketing can be a double-edged sword in that we have an incredible opportunity to reach millions of people with our content marketing. The flip side is there is a tremendous amount of traffic on the Internet that is in competition with the viewer’s attention. Peppering your content marketing with strategically placed power words will help you stand out and become more effective.

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