Welcome to the very first 2016 Livestream Blog Hop! The theme will always be livestream, the topic will change monthly. This month’s topic is Periscope Summit 2016! You can use the questions below for your own post as a structure, or simply blog on the Summit however you want. Since this might be new to you, let’s go through the steps now.

  1. Write and post an article (on your blog) on the topic: Periscope Summit 2016 San Francisco Blog Hop
  2. Use my questions below IF YOU WANT
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  4. Please be sure to use the #PeriscopeSummitBlogHop in all of your tweets, livestreams and in your posts. That way we can find you easily and come support!
  5. Feel free to do a scope, tweet it out, send it in an email to others. They will be interested in learning about the Summit and you will drive traffic to your Blog.
  6. A great way to drive traffic and network among other Bloggers is to click on a thumbnail below and leave a comment on a few other articles.

That is all! Have fun, here we go!

  • What is the Periscope Summit exactly?

The Periscope Summit is the world’s largest livestreaming summit. @Ryan_A_Bell is the founder and the most connected man on Periscope. Ryan has been awarded for his volunteer work with the youth in Oakland and the Special Olympics. Topics at the summit range from photography to the importance of education on livestream and a robust selection in between.

  • Will you be going to the Periscope Summit in San Francisco this year?  If not, why?

I am so bummed, I am NOT going to the Periscope Summit in San Francisco this year, HOWEVER, I am looking forward to the East Coast Summit and plan to not only attend, I plan to submit as a speaker too! I cannot make it west this year because the travel to and from along with the weekend was not possible with my current schedule. I have a few things already on my calendar that could not be changed. I know the Summit will be on the east coast too, so that brings me some relief and a back up plan to still get there in 2016.

  • Who are you most looking forward to hearing speak?

Wow, there are so many fabulous speakers lined up for the Periscope Summit in San Francisco. I watch @DrADFinch and @MsCandyBlog scopes on Periscope often, so I am excited they will be there! I am a huge fan of @KimGarst and learn so much from her scopes. I always look forward to hearing her. There are many speakers I do not know that I am eager to be introduced to because of the folks I am connected to that will scope the presentations. I love watching speakers on Periscope they are at the conference and I am in the comfort of my home usually! It is great.  Periscope is a wonderful social media tool and I love that folks like Ryan put together forums to bring active users together.




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