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Livestream made a huge splash in 2015 with the debut of Periscope, a video app that makes it possible to go live and record right from your smart phone. As 15 million people eventually downloaded the Twitter owned technology, larger social media platforms such as Facebook Live and Instagram followed suit with their own versions of live video.

In addition to being a great way to woo new clients, drive traffic to your website and become an infomercial making tool, livestream can seduce editors into publishing your story in major magazines and high traffic blogs. Below are just a few ways you can start using livestream to win over the press and media and gain exposure for your business and clients.

  • Livestream as Your Angle

Livestream apps are the hottest news to hit the internet, and the buzz continues as we bring in a new year. Day after day, livestream headlines decorate media outlets announcing new livestream apps, new features and lots of juicy stories. Everyday common people are making the news, and that makes it even easier for you to put together stories that attract editors like a magnet. Using livestream as an angle is exactly how you can get noticed right out of the gate with your story. This is exactly how I was able to land a feature article in with livestream as my angle and main content.

Consider these topics when exploring different ways to put together content that will get picked up lickity split.

Connecting livestream with business results is an excellent way to create an attractive story for major business magazines and online media outlets. Not only are you building a story that will be appropriate for the business writers, the story can also be tweaked to be ideal for technology writers and reporters who write on social media topics.


  1. Livestream as a pitching tool

Livestream can also be your pitching tool to editors and journalists. When you use any video to communicate on the Internet, viewers are able to get a much better feel of who you are and your personality. This opens up the ‘know, like and trust’ factors and instantly puts you in a better position with the editor. My favorite apps to use when pitching the media are Snapchat and now Twitter. Snapchat is a great livestream app that also provides fun filters that you can use if you want to be a bit more informal.


There is also a text banner you can use to label your live video with your email, phone number or website making it very easy for the editor to get in touch with you.

Using Snapchat is exactly how I was able to really stand out from other writers when my article was accepted on the very high traffic website, Content Marketing Institute. After putting together a very thoughtful and well-written article I submitted it to the editor directly. Interestingly enough, CMI had on their website that they were not accepting new bloggers at the time, but I really wanted them to consider me. After I sent my article over, I followed up with a Snapchat video that I created introducing myself and explaining I had a great story I thought they’d want to peak at. I mentioned that I had just emailed the story over and I stated the title with a bit of information. After I made the snap, I tweeted it to the CMI Twitter account. Within an hour I heard from their editor and was published on CMI the following month. They loved the creative angle I took to get their attention and the social media savvyness of tweeting it to them. I was even invited to join their Twitter chat the following week, which of course I did.

Livestream is a great way to build rapport with editors. Twitter has even added a livestreaming option so you can go live directly from the Twitter livestream app. If you do want to make a livestream video for an editor, be sure to copy them in your tweet so they see it. You can also tag people on Facebook so if you are friends with an editor you can always tag them in your video title or tag them in the comments after your live video is created. They can catch the replay as watch your pitch right from their Facebook account!

  1. Livestream as a Promotion Tool

It is always advantageous for an online publication to have traffic drivers to their stories, so using your social streaming audience and features is a great way persuade journalists to pick up your story. By making even the simplest statement such as;

“With well over 28K followers on my @lisaillman Twitter account, I will be sure to livestream highlights about the story with a direct link to your site.”

This will let them know you will be helping them promote the story and gives you a chance to let them know how savvy your are with today’s modern technology.

These are just a few ways livestreaming can help you win more exposure with the press and media. I’d love to hear if you have also been able to tap social media as a tool to get published. Let me know in the comments below. In the meantime, happy streaming!

Lisa Illman is a business development consultant and social streaming consultant. She loves to help professionals create robust sales pipelines in 90 days or less.


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