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Periscope is one of the fastest growing live streams in social media today. With its mother ship being Twitter, signing up for an account is super easy. You can simply use your log in information from Twitter to create your account and then sign in and out through Twitter as well! If you have any questions at all regarding how to scope, please do not hesitate to email me. I am happy to answer any questions you have. With over 100 scopes under my belt and countless hours of study, I am very versed on this platform. My hope is that others will see Periscope as the powerful tool it is and come join the fun! Click on the banner above and sign up for Love Tribe so you can be part of a Periscope community that will support your efforts and help you along the way.

In the meantime, I put together some of my top pick small business newbie scopers that I love to follow. Follow them and be sure to let them know I sent you so they follow you back.


September Top Scopers

Tarrin Davis
Periscope Name: @EllesElations
Twitter Name: @EllesElations
Exquisite soap and so much more!









Padraig O’Connor
Periscope Name: @oconnorpadraig
Twitter Name: @oconnorpadraig
I scope about how entrepreneurs can win customers on social media and through digital marketing.









Kara Allan
Periscope Name: @KaraAllan
Twitter Name: @KaraAllan
I am a Wardrobe Stylist, I help you unclutter your closet and style your authentic life.









Latrea A. Wyche
Professional Certified Life Coach
Empowering People with Disabilities to discover their true abilities
(910) 354-9878 Cell
(910) 483-8723  Office










Company Name: Creative Little Readers
Periscope Name: Lucy Anne Jennings @lucyajennings
Twitter Name: @lucyajennings
Tag Line: Do you have a kid who would rather make stuff than read? Join me on Art for Kids,  I’m teaching kids to read… through art!










Company Name (aka project name): Digital Drive with Anna
Periscope Name: @anna_sb
Twitter Name: @anna_sb
Wordpress, SEO, Online Marketing tips and tricks









And last but not least, my kitty cat Finnegan just opened an account and will be scoping with me by his side! He can be found on Periscope as @PeriPets and I can be followed @lisaillman. Let us know what questions you have or if you would like to be mentioned in our list in October by leaving a comment.


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