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PicCollage is one of the easiest aps available for creating collages on line using photos, stickers, text and frames. The ap can be used for personal to put together fun photos of you and your friends and family. In addition the easy peazy tool can help bloggers and businesses connect with their audience. Here is an example of some products from online Merchandiser, Lisa Bundy –  Chloe and Isabel .



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This is a PicCollage photo I posted on my Facebook profile to get some help with shopping decisions. You can see how this captured the attention of many friends and also got them engaged through commenting as they answered the question I included on the collage. The merchandiser can also use this as a way to attract people by asking on the business page, “which product should I add to my showcase”.  Here are some ideas of how you can use PicCollage to engage your audience:

Business & Bloggers

  • opinion on a new product added to showcase
  • opinion on logo design
  • opinion on banners
  • product reviews (for bloggers)
  • drop a selfie (example: if you sell hats, put a collage up of you in one of the hats + a few hats from your store + text requesting peeps drop a selfie in the comments of the post)


  • opinion which one should I buy?
  • which one should I wear? (also great for fashion bloggers/scopers)
  • which flavor do you like best (also great for business/bloggers)
  • getting gift ideas for friends and family without having to ask directly

There are an infinite amount of ways you an start to use PicCollage to engage your following. Start with a few suggestions above and your own ideas will come to life! As for the photo above, seriously, which one do you like best? Please let me know in the comments, I am torn between them all!

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