smallbusinessHaving a 1-3 minute introduction for your small business is essential. And yes, that is meant to be a very bold statement. Being able to clearly and concisely articulate what you and your products are about is key to helping others understand how you can help them. Back in the day, there were even pitches called elevator speeches. A 30 second elevator pitch was a great way to have something at the tip of your tongue at all times. With today’s technology, it is crucial to have a few 1- 3 minute presentations you can quickly refer to if needed. In my SpeakerStream™ online livestream and speaker training, we go into this much deeper through value propositions. That is how important I believe communicating your services is to the success of your business and product launches. With the relatively new livestream platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live, it is becoming increasingly easier to hop onto livestream and do a real-time video about your business. Even though I am a consistent broadcaster on Periscope, I like to do a 1-3 minute broadcast about my business, what services I offer and any product launches, specials or flash sales I am offering. The best thing about livestream is you can do a live video from your home, outdoors, car, office, warehouse or wherever you want!  After you are done, you can use the saved replay of the livestream to add to your blog posts, on your website or even upload the video to your YouTube Channel.

The A.P.P. Livestream Approach

Using the A.P.P. approach to your videos (no pun intended, apps get it?) is a great way to get a content rich video. Below I walk you through the characteristics of A.P.P. and provide an example of a few Periscope videos that represent the A.P.P. approach. You will notice in each video, none of these businesses is like the other, yet Periscope can be used in all three. Periscope is an equal opportunity business tool that can be used in many business initiatives. I go into the ways livestream can really help an entrepreneur in my SpeakerStream™ training and break it down into modules for bit size learning.

A is for Authentic:

Check out how authentic Melanie Ann of Premier Designs is in her recent Periscope broadcast about her online jewelry business. Not only is the entrepreneur wearing her products, she is totally comfortable and relaxed. It should be noted that livestream really offers entrepreneurs the ability to be ‘real’ yet still polished. Melanie’s presentation is very clear, her words are perfectly articulated and she is having a nice time while she briefly describes her business.



P is for Props:

Much like presenting on a stage, a broadcaster and speaker can add props to her presentation to really add a visual context. Check out Tricia from in her Periscope video below. Tricia owns a pet store that offers very innovative pet products. In addition, she is a consultant for a pet company that allows entrepreneurs to start their own business as a distributor. Tricia gives you all the juicy details below and she includes two props! Can you guess what her props are? Two adorable pup dogs that are literally stealing the show. What a great way to incorporate the theme of the business with the video.



P is for Power Words:

Believe it or not, there can be incredible impact with the word selection used in your speeches, broadcasts and in writing, including blog posts. Something called power words can literally change the tone of how you are communicating and even effect the mood of your listeners and readers. In an article on SumoMe’s blog, Sarah Pederson does a great job explaining how effective  power words can be. Power words can make your product or service go from bland to irresistible so do unleash some explosiveness in your livestream videos whenever you can!

“These power words trigger an emotional response and pack some serious punch to the allure of any sales page, headline or ad.

People are utterly seduced by power words. They get us to click, share and buy – what more could a marketer want!”  SumoMe, Sarah Pederson

Check out my pitch that I recently broadcasted on Periscope. My goal this week was to use the power word sensational at least once in my videos and any other power words as bonus.


A.P.P. is a great way to take your small business introductions from good to captivating. Be authentic, use props when you can and do use words that will make your message that much more powerful. Taking these techniques and adding them to your Periscopes or Facebook Live videos, now you are really reflecting a sign of the times!

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