If you offer a product or service, social media can be a hot bed for testimonials for you. The tips below can be incorporated by almost anyone using the internet for their business and might be especially advantageous for those of you who offer specific services, such as consulting services, financial services and blogging tips for a specific niche. Why? One simple word, content. A variety of services and industries can benefit from these tips. The key is offering good, quality content that is beneficial to your viewers. This notion might even get those of you who offer products, thinking about ways you can incorporate tips into your social media posts and generate some great feedback.

I have three favorite social media platforms I get most of my positive shout outs from; Twitter, Facebook and Periscope. You can receive feedback from anywhere, I just happen to see the positive feedback where my ideal clients spend most of their time. Facebook is a hot spot for me and with over 1.5 billion users and now Facebook live stream, I am really excited about 2016. Here you can see a post I was surprised with that recently popped up on my Facebook profile.



The best way to get the entire contents of a lengthy post is to open up the post and than take a screen shot. Most clients who write something like this up are already under the impression it will be used as a testimonial and wouldn’t mind if you put it on your website, blog or string it into your emails which is super nice and convenient. They want to help you grow and are doing what they can to put the word out there for you. Happy clients also want to ‘share’ their good fortune of finding you with their friends and associates. They know they look good when they pass along a referral.

My favorite of all places to get great feedback is on my Periscopes. Positive feedback does not necessarily come from clients, but I use Periscope as a tool to provide great content to the live stream community and to prospective clients. When I receive positive feedback during a Periscope, there is at least 24 hours to go to the replay (and longer if you use Katch) and take a screen shot of the comments. You can be super clever if you are on your toes and take a picture of your tablet with your iOS or Android, like I did below.


Periscope is an incredible tool for providing great content and developing relationships with current clients as well as prospective. I can’t say enough about live stream in general and the tremendous positive impact it can have for business.

Twitter is another great place for grabbing some fabulous shout outs about your content, your tweets, your products and your services. It is super easy for folks to tweet out a quick note that says how much they love you so don’t underestimate Twitter. The other reason I think I have good results with Twitter and testimonials is due to the fact that Twitter owns Periscope. As soon as I hit broadcast, a tweet goes out letting folks know I am live. Many of my followers from Periscope follow me on Twitter and I make it a point to use Twitter as my follow up tool after I scope, saying thanks for attending and for support. This is a great opportunity for viewers to tweet back and text what they enjoyed about my presentation. Twitter is also a great testimonial tool for bloggers and for companies who tweet regularly. The best way to capture the testimonial tweet is in a screen shot. I try to ask ahead of time if I can use the tweet. You do not have to ask, but it is always a nice gesture. Sometimes I totally forget, but I do try to ask.


One of these is my client, and one is not. Either way, I am super happy for the feedback about my scope (my presentation on Periscope) because this confirms my scopes are valuable and worth attending. Of course I want more viewers on my scope, so this is very helpful to lead the right people to me! Perfect!

I will get into more detail about how to use testimonials from one social media channel on another social media channel in a later blog post. This should at least give you some ideas and get you to take a few screen shots of any feedback you get while you are thinking about how you can use them in your own publications.

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