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Create a Robust Sales Funnel in 90 Days!

Tap into some of the most overlooked, yet efficient valuable ways to create a robust sales funnel for your business and services.

You’re On Social Media – What Next?

Lisa provides tools specifically designed for generating a buzz and driving traffic to your website via Twitter, Blogging and Facebook.

Drive Sales through Vertical Selling.

A step by step process of researching, evaluating, targeting and executing a proven vertical sales strategy to empower your team to exceed their goals!

Livestream for Business

An overview of Meerkat, BLAB, Kanvas, Periscope and the upcoming Facebook Live. Review differences and member demographics followed by a deep dive into Periscope and strategies to sell on the largest Livestream App available to both individuals and businesses.

How to Get Your Brand Featured in Top Media Magazines, Blogs and TV Shows!

Practical, free and easy to implement practices that will get you in front of top media outlets!

5 Powerful Ways to Manifest Ideas, Inventions and Products!

Through creative and practical processes, Lisa leads the audience through five processes designed specifically for the pet industry. Attendees will also be provided a take home worksheet that includes five additional techniques to choose from!

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Eastman Chemical Sales Excellence Everest Club Award

Recognized for outstanding business results and exemplary behaviors.

General Electric Customer Sales and Service Award

Most leases generated Sales Development & Invention Manifestation Workshops / Keynote Speaker

General Electric Six Sigma Award

Generated $1.5M of new greenhouse business at Wal-Mart using Six Sigma product specification tools, bridging communications between end-user and all approved OEMs

General Electric Product Launch Award

Most product sold in North America (equaling $6M in new business for Specialty Plastics)

Delivering business results that placed you in the top 10% of Eastman’s Sales Organization and projecting a professional image that demonstrated the qualities that earn respect and an impeccable reputation.

Greg O. Nelson

EVP, Eastman Chemical

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