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In business and in life having goals, having a vision for yourself, knowing where you’re going is so important because it is the stickiness of how you stay committed to your goals. It is the dangling carrot that keeps you going, the pizazz that puts a skip in your step to see yourself reaching the finish line. I believe that starting at the end and being able to picture yourself living a dream is so important I dedicated an entire module to the end in my SpeakerStream™ course. There are pieces to the vision puzzle that are systematically included in my module to ensure students are leveraging their visions every way they can. I want to make sure that students capture every piece of the end that will help them visualize and manifest their ideal destiny to the best of their ability. Writing a preamble is another strong step towards creating your future.


After you get it down on paper though, it’s time to release the grip you have on your pen that painted your future, and now begin to live, work, create and manifest in the present. What you have right now, right here is exactly what you need to take another step in the right direction, no matter how small it may seem to be. So many times professionals incredulous about their dreams because their eyes are fixated on the vision. The fixation should be on the present. This moment, this 24 hours is where we can make magic happen, even if only a small amount. When you stop focusing on the present, and stare at the end you won’t be able to see the opportunities that are placed in your lap right now. Possibly everyday will bring you problems that need to be attended to and if you are off dreaming, staring, wondering why you aren’t seeing things happen, you will stop eliminating the road blocks and your road will become so blocked you could veer off the road all together.

When you start at the end and create a compelling vision for yourself, you are afforded focus enthusiasm and commitment. You’re bought into the strategy you’ll need to layout in order to make your vision happen. But when you stare at the end, you become frustrated. You might not see the small changes you’re making, you might not see your business moving forward because you are so focused on the end. Think about loosing weight. If a person wants to loose 50 lbs, it would be impossible to do in a week. However, over a 60 day period, a person can loose the weight and enjoy the steps needed to be taken along the way to keep the weight off. The same can be said for business goals. For instance, if you want your business to have sales of over $1 million, there needs to be a strategy in place. You’ll need to take into consideration what products you will offer, how much you can invest daily, what type of support you will have etc. You then begin to build your 90 day plans, breaking them up into bite size pieces you can attack daily. When you get into the moment, you can actually focus on the task at hand and get into a groove. Your creative juices start to flow and you tackle any problems as they arise instead allowing them to overwhelm you.

Without the end in mind sometimes we don’t keep our head in the game. Without the end in mind we can’t always see the progress we are making. Instead of dealing with issues, we might start avoiding them, all the while staring at our dangling carrot. The end is very important to have in mind however equally important more  more importantly is to do what you can, with what you have, where you are. For more business strategy ideas, email me

Start at the End, Do Not Stare at the End.
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Start at the End, Do Not Stare at the End.
Business development tips for setting goals.
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