blog sitesA blog can add some serious value to a small business. It takes work, and just like everything else, you get out of it what you put into it. When I was more active with my pet blog site over 6 years ago, back when Google had GPR (Google Page Rank) I had people paying me to guest post on the blog. Product reviews, social media packages and some advertising all generated monies for the blog directly. I didn’t put as much time into cultivating it to it’s fullest potential and yet it was a great source for driving traffic to my website in addition to the cash it made directly. I am now in the process of building and as I go through the different stages, I am using my blog to offer any tips and tricks (and of course mistakes) that may help you on your journey as well.

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When you start blogging you will naturally begin to gain clarity around your business and offerings. Every time I blog, I can see my business direction clearly and vision for the particular topic I am writing. Adversities suffered in the past, challenges and successes all start to make sense. My entire journey starts to unfold and I see where I can use my experience in what I am doing today. As you are blogging regularly, you will start to have clarity about why things happened to you the way they have and what meaning you can pull from your past stories into your current life. Clarity is an incredible benefit of writing. It is a process that helps make sense of the entrepreneur pilgrimage. Start blogging and you will start to gain even more clarity over your life, over your business and over your purpose. Any scattered thoughts and roaming feelings can be straightened as you show up to put digital pen to paper regularly.


As you begin writing for your blog you will get more consistent with your message, your voice and with your branding. As your purpose becomes clearer you will be more eager to write and therefore you will become more consistent with your marketing content and can re-purpose this content on other platforms. Even if you decide your blog will not be a full-time gig for you, simply showing up two times a month will contribute to your solid foundation. Consistency will happen naturally as you begin to blog and put together an editorial calendar, specific content, and organize your social media platforms. If you do take on blogging full-time, you will obviously gain the benefits of a consistent blogger even faster. I use a virtual social media planner, and love it! Check out Post Planner here for all your posting needs!

Content Marketing

Devoting time to writing on your blog will give you the opportunity to create compelling content marketing for your readers and your target audience. This is such an excellent opportunity for you to start to build information that leads your readers directly to your products and services. Content marketing via blogging can easily be the backbone of what drives more traffic to online services your contact information and much more.


Fast track your credibility to your online community with blogging! It really it can be an accelerator to earning trust that you are the real deal. Simply writing good content for your viewers will show them that you are an expert and a leader in the industry you serve. You won’t have to run around calling yourself an expert, you will be show your audience through good quality content in your blog posts. Even if you don’t always use your own content, for example do a round up of content via influencers, you are still showing your audience and target viewers that you are a credible connector. Blogging overtime can definitely build you a credible reputation on the Internet.


Writing for an audience will get your creative juices flowing and that can only be good news for your business. As you start writing content that is rich in quality and offers juicy tidbits for your readers, your creative juices will really start to flow. New blog topics, new ideas and even new products and services will all start to come to you naturally because of the writing you are doing consistently. Creative ideas are exactly what will differentiate you in your field.


As you build your blog and continue to write blogging tips and tricks for your audience, you’ll start to build character. Now you may think you already have character and I have no doubt you do. I’m talking about the type of character that comes with the growth that will naturally happen as you write. Writing is such a great resource for character building. Your writing will naturally tap inner strength you never knew you had. Blogging will help identify blocks that you may be squirreling away that are keeping you from moving forward and growing. Untangling some of these complicated blocks will continue to feed your soul and add to your character building.


Staying consistent with your blogging overtime will build character and of course build your confidence. Confidence is turning points as a professional when you really feel live in brace know and live everything about what you’re doing. Do you feel completely confident about your focus about your purpose about where you’re going about your goals nothing can get in your way your viewers see that there are inspired by your confidence and this is when people start to share even more your marketing content with their community. Having confidence as a professional increases sale drives more traffic and adds to the overall happiness of any businessperson and/or entrepreneur. Blogging overtime blogging consistently over time can definitely increase your confidence in ways you wouldn’t have even expected. Every time I finish a very good blog post or a quality piece I always have a sense of exhilaration and a little teeny more but confidence in what I’m doing.


I once heard someone say charisma is something you’re born with. Either you have it or you don’t. I disagree with this statement. Of course there will be some individuals who are very out-going and enthusiastic, perhaps passionate. Magnetism and appeal though, are traits you can cultivate. Your audience will also help you and guide you during your blogging that will enhance your charisma and charm. Readers will let you know what they like, what they don’t like, what’s resonating with them and what isn’t. You’ll start to loosen up learn to not take yourself too seriously while taking your work very seriously. Every time I write I feel more connected to my community. When I post articles in groups I attract through my titles and content. The process gradually polishes my writing and me. Blogging consistently can definitely help an entrepreneur develop a charismatic personality.


Obviously as you continue to blog whether it is two times a month or if it is two times a day you will start to build a community on line. People will be coming to your blog as you train them on when you are going to be writing so they will be showing up for more great content and stories. Posting your articles once they are live on your blog in groups on Facebook and LinkedIn are essential to cultivating the tribe you want. I have spent time in groups without a blog and I have been an active participant in groups during which I was actively blogging. My community is much stronger when I have blog posts to contribute and I always have a solid line of traffic to my website. Find a few blogger groups that will support you and your blog. Your blogging community may even turn out to have a few of your ideal clients waiting to devour all you have to offer!

Cash and Coin

You might want to blog as a way to bring traffic to your professional services and increase your email list but not necessarily make your blog a 6 or 7 figure income-generating machine. The content that you’re putting out there will be yet another reach into your community, helping the overall health of your business. Blogging consistently overtime will bring about that type of traffic and indirect sales, perhaps even direct sales. You can also decide to treat your blog like a business itself. Full-time energy and focus will need to be applied for this type of strategy.

There are several ways your blog can be a money machine as a stand-alone. You can sell your own products, be an affiliate for other products, offer sponsorship (like I do on provide paid product reviews and sell advertising space. All of these can build your blog as a standalone business.Your blog can be built into a crown jewel 6 or 7 figure income maker.


On the flip side, your blog can be a money making piece of a pie that is a value add to your larger stream of business income.

I think building a business online should always include the consideration of blogging. The upside of what getting published on the Internet can do for a business is too high not to explore this as a focus.

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