Social Media has an incredible broad reach for business. It can be used for marketing quality content, developing relationships, gaining more clients, brand recognition and even market focus groups. I suggest you build a community first and then begin to use that community as a sounding board to all things related to your business. Examples of feedback from a market focus group can include everything from asking the preference on a color for a new product you are rolling out to the content your community might want you to blog about. When you know what type of feedback you are asking for, the below listed channels can be used to gauge your community’s opinion.

Facebook Live and Periscope

Livestream is such a great way to interact with your community. I believe it is unlike video because it is dialogue, not just watching. On both Facebook Live and Periscope, you can ask your viewers their opinion on a topic, give them multiple choice questions or have them answer yes or no questions. Once you ask the questions, they can comment their answers for your reporting. Even if you get a little overwhelmed during the actual broadcast and can’t keep up with the answers, you can come back to watch the replay to add up the score for the popular votes.

Survey Monkey

As you build your email following, you can send out surveys for your contacts to answer. Survey Monkey is my favorite tool for polling my email list. I like it because there are several options to choose from as to how you might want your contacts to answer. They can be given a multiple choice option, yes or no, free flow text and a few other cool choices.

Facebook and Twitter Polls

You can take a poll using either (or both) Facebook Groups and / or tweets on Twitter (using the Twitter app). A poll is a great way to ask your following their opinion on a topic. I like to keep my polls that I really want community feedback in my Facebook Groups. The folks that are in my group for the same reason. Twitter is great for ‘general’ feedback, anyone in your following and anyone in the following of someone who RTs your poll will be able to vote. You can even set the polls up for a specific time-frame, as you can see below.


Market focus groups are a fantastic way to gauge your community for product launches, tutorials, webinar topics and much more. If you are struggling to figure out how you can begin to monetize yourself online, I think even better than asking is simply observing. Comb through the groups best matching your skill sets. See where people are asking for help, answer any and all questions you can. Pretty soon you will be getting private messages asking for help. At that time you can choose to answer or put together a private Periscope, webinar or write an e-book. Put a price tag on them, and send the link back to the person looking for help. They won’t mind paying for the RIGHT answers!

Lisa Illman is a Business Development Consultant and Livestream Strategist. She loves to help businesses create robust sales-pipelines in 90 days or less. When Lisa isn’t working with clients, broadcasting on Periscope, speaking or blogging, she is faithfully waiting hand and foot on her adorably kitty cat Finn.


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