content-is-king-1132259__180I want to make the case that content marketing can and should be automated to your social media following. This is your treasure chest of value that provides your online community and your target audience all the necessary buy ingredients that goes into the recipe of business closure. Through content marketing you have your credibility, your value to the client, and the trust you need from your target audience. Content marketing done right can offer these three attributes so making sure you send it out to your social media following is crucial. Automating this process can help you save time and be more efficient and automating marketing content can also give you the opportunity to send it out more than once. Let’s explore the types of content you can begin to automate with a few tips and tricks on which social media platforms to set-up your automation.

  • Business OneSheets

Business OneSheet is a broad term for any one pager that reflects products or services in exchange for your time, money or services (or all three). A one sheet can be a sales flyer for a discount you are offering, it can be a page you create that illustrates your products with your value proposition stated and it can be a speaker page that lists the topics you can speak on at conferences. In my SpeakerStreamâ„¢ course, I walk you through how to put together a SpeakerStreamâ„¢ one sheet which is a combination of your livestream experience and success combined with testimonials and perhaps topics you can speak on. OneSheets are a great piece of content marketing that can be automated right from your Twitter feed. Because I have a great deal of content I like to tweet to my community, I use PostPlanner to help me out with not only automation but also social media management. I can’t say enough about how valuable this service has been, so much so I am now an affiliate. Even if you do not use a service or app to help you with your automation, you can set up your tweets to automatically get sent out right from Twitter.

  • Blog Posts

Don’t be afraid to set-up automated tweets and Facebook page posts of your evergreen content marketing blog posts. These are posts that won’t go out of style or date for a while. You can layer your automation so that for two weeks blog posts get sent out at the same time daily, then next week a different time, and the next few weeks another different time. Anyone business, entrepreneur or speaker who offers products on line (even like an ebook) can be considered international. Now that you are international it is important to make time zone adjustments. When you do a layering strategy with your blog posts, you can capture a much larger audience. I like to use my PostPlanner recommendations of content with my own blog post content and do pockets of three. Two blog posts, quotes or images that PostPlanner recommends and one of my blog posts. That social media content strategy gives a diverse pocket of posts and tweets.

  • Quotes

I love using the app Canva and putting together some of my own quotes with my website listed at the bottom. I usually add a photo of myself too for a personal touch. Here is an example of a quote I have tweeting out now. I am so proud of this quote image!


Quote images are ideal for automation and again, you can layer them at different times to get a wider audience viewing them. It should be noted that when tweeting, it is a good idea to use one or two (no more than two) hashtags with your tweets. A CTA (call to action) to let viewers know what to do. For example, the image above is set-up on my PostPlanner with the tweet “Retweet this if you agree” #Periscope #Snapchat. This gets the attention of other livestream diehards and they no doubt agree and will RT my quote.

There is no doubt that social media needs nurturing. You do need to interact with your audience regularly. I’m on social media daily, but using automation services like PostPlanner gives me the time to interact and share other information as well as do my livestream broadcasts while my content marketing is being sent out. My rule of thumb is 80% automation and 20% me. This does not take into consideration the interaction I am doing with my social media following. However you set up your social media posts for your business needs, automation is a necessary process if you want to take full advantage of the opportunities on the numerous social media platforms.

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