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What every speaker should know about Twitter is this; it can seriously help your speaking profession! Social Media in general is an untapped pot of gold for most speakers, but for this article I want to discuss Twitter. Below are valuable ways you can start using the powerful app to not only book speaking gigs, you can also leverage the Twitter platform during your speaking gigs!

  • Twitter Profile

Take advantage of this real estate, it is a pretty valuable area. Included in your bio you can simply have ‘speaker’ as one of your description words, and you can also bump it up a notch and include a specific conference you will be speaking in the near future. ‘Speaker at such and such Conference 2016’. Event Planners frequently comb Tweets and Twitter profiles looking for potential speakers, so get that area updated pronto!

  • Automate Tweets

One of the suggestions I offer in my online course, SpeakerStream™ is using automated tweets to tweet out your information on a regular schedule. Automated tweets are free and you can set them up right from your Twitter account. Tweets can include a Speaker OnePage or they can simply be a tweet introducing yourself as a speaker (don’t forget to use the hasthag with that keyword) and a link to your video page.

Speaker for Business Strategies

Either way, a daily tweet can really catch the eye of an event planner. In your tweet you can also announce what your speaking topic of choice is. Something like this: “Need a #speaker to discuss #leadership at your organization? Here is more information about me” (insert link to your speaking video or bio page).SpeakerStream™ValueProp2


  • Testimonials

Twitter is a great way to book speaking engagements and bring exposure to your services, but it can also be a powerful tool during your presentations. Halfway through your presentation you can say something like “if this information is valuable, I encourage you to tweet me one takeaway that will help you in……” You can have your Twitter handle as a slide and give them a moment to grab their gadgets (they probably have them front and center already) and let the tweets rip! If you feel awkward doing it in the middle of your presentation, you might do it right at the end, as you are wrapping up. Let the audience know you might use their tweets as testimonials, that way you don’t have to take to much time after asking them for permission.

  • Follow – Up

Do your best to get contact information during your presentation. You will want it for your email list too. One way to get business cards is to pass around a bowl and let your audience know you will be offering a giveaway at the end of your talk. Have them write their Twitter handles on the back of their cards if it isn’t stated on the front of the card. Now you have another ‘touch’ to thank them for coming to your presentation. If you follow up with a thank you tweet after the presentation you have just opened up another opportunity to get a testimonial from them on Twitter and of course the connection on Twitter itself is valuable.

With over 300million downloaded apps, Twitter is a pretty powerful tool for connecting. Using the tool before during and after your speaking engagements can really add a nice touch to your overall content while bumping up your exposure. Oh hey, before you scurry off, be sure to find me on Twitter! I love, love, love to tweet. @lisaillman

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